Science and payloads

Relevant EPFL laboratories

APHYS – Physics of Aquatic Systems Laboratory (Johny Wüest)

Physical processes as an avenue for understanding lake ecosystems, Management of natural water resources, and lakes as natural scale-up “laboratories” for stratified environmental flow studies.

AQUA – Advanced Quantum Architecture Laboratory (Edoardo Charbon)

Single Photon Avalanche Detector (SPAD) for direct Time-Of-Flight FLASH LIDAR.

EPSL – Earth and Planetary Science Laboratory (Philippe Gillet)

study of planetary bodies formation and evolution through processes happening on surfaces, in mantles and in cores.

LASTRO – Astrophysics Laboratory (Jean-Paul Kneib)

formation and evolution of galaxies, early Universe and dark matter.

TOPO – Geodetic Engineering Laboratory (Bertrand Merminod and Jan Skaloud)

Position and attitude determination of moving platforms.