Secure your pre-seed funding

You have a vision, you have a technology, and you have a market. But do you have a plan to achieve your vision? Can you convince others on your ability to execute against that plan? It’s time to think big.

To be successful in your pre-seed funding you need to identify your needs, and match the right funding opportunities. Remember – money may solve the problem, but it very rarely is the problem.

Graduate students, PhDs or Postdocs with a startup project.

We will work with you to define what non-dilutive funding you need to reach your short- and mid-term goals. Once we’ve identified the opportunities, we’ll guide you through your grant applications, sharing learnings and pitfalls.

Don’t leave this for the last minute. Exploring the opportunities and applying to the right ones take time.

How can I find out more
Get in touch with your Startup Unit contact – together we’ll discuss how you might be able to get pre-seed funding. If you don’t have a contact at the Startup Unit, we’d encourage you to fill out our contact form on our front page.


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