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ClearSpace to take a leading role in the ESA initiative “Space safety and security” for the removal of space debris

29.11.19 – During the ESA Ministerial summit in Seville, ministers in charge of space affairs from the 22 ESA Member States agreed on a budget of 14.4 billion euros to fund space-related projects.

For the pillar “Space safety and security”, Switzerland takes the lead in the removal of space debris thanks to ClearSpace, a spin-off from the EPFL Space Center (eSpace) focusing on developing technologies and services to remove unresponsive (failed) satellites from space. The startup has received funding for its ClearSpace-1 ADR mission under the ESA ADRIOS programme. ESA has also selected ClearSpace to be the leader of the industrial consortium for the project.

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A giant Pac-Man to gobble up space debris

06.07.15 – The Clean Space One Project has passed a milestone. The space cleanup satellite will deploy a conical net to capture the small SwissCube satellite before destroying it in the atmosphere. It’s one of the solutions being tested for eliminating dangerous debris orbiting the Earth.


 Press release – July 6th 2015