Materials and structures

Relevant EPFL laboratories

CCLAB – Composite Construction Laboratory (Anastasios Vasilopoulos)

Composite materials environmental reliability, joining methods, reliability modelling.

IMAC – Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory (Ian Smith)

Self-sensing and adaptive deformable structures.

LMAF – Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Reliability Analysis (John Botsis)

Composite and metallic material reliability.

LMM – Laboratory of Mechanical Metallurgy (Andreas Mortensen)

Science and engineering of advanced metallic materials.

LMTM – Laboratory of Thermomechanical Metallurgy (Roland Logé)

Microstructure design in metals and alloys, Thermo-mechanical treatments, Multiscale modelling, Selective Laser Melting.

LTC – Composite and Polymer Technology Laboratory (Véronique Michaud)

Composite fabrication, structural sensor and wiring integration.