CT system

Micro CT system

Our RX-SOLUTIONS Ultratom micro CT  system:

  • Dual X-ray source, Hamamatsu 230 kV (reflection mode) and 160 kV (transmission mode)
  • allows very high resolution analysis, either in 2D or in 3D.
  • is polyvalent and allows to measure objects of various sizes (i.e. a few mm to a few dm) and shapes.
  • has time-optimized methods for scanning the objects and reconstructing the projections.
  • is specifically designed to analyse engineering materials under solllicitation (coupled experiments)

Detailed characteristics of the PIXE micro-CT system

Additionnal ressources

Following ressources are included in the PIXE plateform:

  • Two ultra-fast reconstruction servers
  • A high resolution plane sensor (2176 x 1792 px)
  • A micropositionning stage
  • A cell for compression tests
  • Two computers dedicated to tomographic data analysis

For specific setups, the PIXE plateform can also request usage of the test infrastructures of the civil and environmental engineering institutes.

Data processing

Tomographic image processing can be done on site, thanks to computers equipped with the following softwares: