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PIXE-related peer reviewed scientific publications

PIXE-related semester or master projects

O. Schöpfer (2018) Modelling the deformation of an X-ray micro-CT based 3D structure. LSMS & PIXE joint EPFL MSc semester project.S. Yildirim (2018) Analysis of petrophysical parameters on different rock types. LEMR & PIXE joint EPFL MSc semester project.

S. Dornberger (2018) Geologically-oriented design of a tunnel for geothermal use; determining the thermal properties of the Jura Moutains’ main rock formations. UNIL-EPFL Master Thesis.

PIXE-related ongoing projects

2018-2020 A. Moreau Contribution from Micro CT Analyses to the Geological Identification of Rock Cuttings. UNIL-EPFL Master Thesis.

2018-2019 New plant-based composite materials. ECOS-CCLAB-PIXE joint research project. ENAC exploratory grants 2018.

2018-2019 3D visualisation of the deformation of (geo)materials (3D-VDM). LSMS-W&C ENAC-PIXE joint research project. Civil engineering section 2018 grants for teaching demonstrators.

PIXE-related press releases

2019-04-25 Une cotte de maille gauloise analysée au scanner. Paru dans le quotidien “24 heures”.

2019-04-24 Un secret archéologique dévoilé grâce aux rayons X. Radio Telévision Suisse Romande “CQFD”.

2019-04-24 Une cotte de maille pleine de surprises. Paru sur le site du Quotidien “Le Matin”.

PIXE-related submitted projects

2018-12 Interface Management of Large Datasets in Image-Based Measurements. M. Fernandez Ruiz, A. Nussbaumer, P. Turberg. EPFL Open Science Fund.

2018-09 Making resistant object talk. Contributions of high resolution X-ray tomography to the understanding and digital preservation of archeological objects. M. Demierre, P. Turberg, Lionel Pernet et A. Alahi. UNIL-EPFL CROSS 2019.

PIXE platform guided tours

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  • 2018-06 EPFL “Journée des classes” 2018
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  • 2018-04 DuPont Performance Polymers
  • 2018-04 EPFL Research Office (EPFL REO)
  • 2018-03 PIXE Open Doors / Inauguration
  • 2018-02 Valdesia
  • 2017-05 Association Suisse pour la technique du Soudage (ASS)