ENAC’s Transdisciplinary Cluster Grant

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The ENAC School @ EPFL promotes transdisciplinary research as a part of its academic strategy.

What is transdisciplinary research?

It requires that knowledge is co-produced: stakeholders (industry, public agencies, NGOs and civil society) need to be involved in significant ways throughout  the research process, rather than collecting data from stakeholders, informing them and valorizing knowledge afterwards. It requires co-creation which means that research questions, methods, research itself, and interpretation of results are all open to being done in partnership.

Benefits of engaging in a transdisciplinary research project for non-academic partners?

Improved decision making – Transdisciplinarity increases the likelihood that the knowledge produced is used in decision making. Adding a research layer to practitioner’s work can support strategic action

Evaluation and reflection –  Researchers can help to revise existing assumptions and taken-for-granted facts

Improvement and innovation – Academic rigor can help refine areas of practice and contribute to innovation

Capacity building – External stakeholders can build their own research capacity

Networking – A transdisciplinary research process can lead to valuable connections with others doing related work

Is transdisciplinary research for you, stakeholder from the practive?

Is your work dealing with societal problems and aiming at contributing to a sustainable world? 

Are you curious and open to explore an issue together with an academic partner?

Do academia hold useful knowledge and methods on the issue you are interested in?

Do you feel comfortable in acting as a bridge between your business and university?

Answered YES and interested as non-academic partner to become involved in transdisciplinary research?? Then get in contact!

The ENAC school provides seed funding in the form of “Transdisciplinary Cluster Grants” to stimulate researchers to engage in this type of research. The researchers can win a grant of 50kCHF that should serve to explore, initiate, and/or participate in new types of collaborations with non-academic stakeholders with the aim of working towards a common goal and co-producing knowledge.

Contact us now!

Email: [email protected]

Call coordinators: Charlotte Vandenberghe & Frédéric Dreyer