Dear colleagues, Dear students,

We are pleased to invite you to our ENAC General Assembly, taking place on Tuesday 14th December 2021 at 16h30, online.

Zoom link:


16:30 – ENAC Faculty

  • Reception and welcome

  • ENAC faculty update
    by Claudia R. Binder (Dean), Katrin Beyer (Associate Dean for Digitalization and Open Science), Vincent Kaufmann (Associate Dean for Education and Knowledge Transfer)

  • Questions and answers

16:45 – Elevator piches session


  • Master project SAR by Maxence Grangeot
    Comment réemployer des éléments de démolition et de déconstruction industrielle en les modifiant le moins possible

  • Master project SGC by Mathilde Métral
    Vers une meilleure prédiction des glissements de terrains argileux

  • Master project SSIE by Leona Repnik
    Modéliser en 3D la rivière du Flon en vue du futur métro

Interdisciplinarity in Research

  • Marc-Edouard Schultheiss (LASUR/IA)
    Activity-scheduling and rhythmic style: a multi-day modeling of mobility habits (TRANSP-OR – LASUR; ENAC Cluster grant 2020)

  • MER Jan Skaloud (TOPO/IIE)
    Upscaling modelisation of climate-induced stone pine colonization into the alpine zone via airborne remote sensing and deep learning.
    (EPFL/TOPO – ECEO & UNIL/DEE; CLIMACT Starting Grant 2021)

  • Prof. Khovalyg Dolaana (TEBEL/IIC)
    Non-Invasive AI-powered Thermal Comfort Monitoring.
    (TEBEL – VITA; ENAC Cluster Grant 2021)

  • Prof. Julia Schmale (EERL/IIE)
    A More Effective 3D-Imaging System for Earth System Science and Navigation “3DEarthNavigation”.
    (VITA – EERL; EPFL Center for Imaging Grant 2021)


  • Prof. Rizlan Bernier-Latmani (DO-ENAC)
    Presentation of ENAC Diversity Office.
  • Camille Dross (DO-ENAC)
    Best practices in hiring project.
    (recruitment and retention working group)
  • Eleni Stavropoulou (DO-ENAC)
    Workshop planned for student delegates.
    (Onboarding and culture working group)

  • Arthur Adams (DO-ENAC)
    Inclusive communication.
    (communication and information working group)

Data & Open Science

  • Prof. Katrin Beyer (Associate Dean for Digitalization and Open Science)
    ENAC Open Science Strategy.

  • Mouzakidou Kyriaki (TOPO/IIE)
    Open Science Summer school.

  • Charlie Weil (ENAC-IT4R)
    ENAC-IT4R projects.

Innovation & Partnership

  • Yujie Wu (LESO-PB/IIC)
    (ENAC Start-up)
  • Amir Rezaie (SwissInspect, spin-off EESD)
    (ENAC Start-up)
  • MER Satoshi Takahama (LAPI/IIE)
    A new area for air monitoring and sensing.
    (Innosuisse grant)

  • Malena Bastien (SXL/IA)
    (ENAC Innovation Seed Grant 2021)

17:50 Conclusion

  • Questions and answers
  • Conclusion
    by Claudia R. Binder (Dean)