Traffic congestion influences the economic sustainability, creates excessive delays for travellers and a negative impact on the environment through emissions due to insufficient infrastructure, high motorization rate, lack of efficient and reliable public transport. MOCA is about the collection and analysis of urban traffic data at high resolution using a swarm of drones to understand the dynamics at play.
Traffic monitoring has been the most important tool to identify and alleviate congestion. Monitoring mobility movements from the skies attracts attention due to the improved drone technology and advances in computer vision. The collection of massive trajectory data using Unmanned Aerial Systems (commonly known as drones) will allow to monitor accurately almost every single vehicle (moving or parked) that is visible from the skies and their direct interactions.
The project utilizes a ready-to-be-tested technology in a highly congested African city to monitor and resolve congestion problems on such a multimodal urban environment through massive data from aerial video footage. A combination of advanced research techniques combined with local experience and a detailed data collection will be developed in MOCA

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