The increased airtightness of building envelopes, which is needed for energy-saving, is often responsible for overheating of indoor environments (even in the colder climates) and for inadequate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as less fresh outdoor air is introduced indoors. As people spend most of their time inside buildings, the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) plays a significant role in humans well-being.
Natural ventilation via automated windows has demonstrated that it can successfully limit the impact of the above-mentioned problems. Nevertheless, the operation of these systems is limited in terms of considered environmental parameters and connection with other parts of the Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.
In the framework of the SWISSVENT project, additional environmental parameters and HVAC components will be introduced in the control logic of the automated windows, aiming to maximize their performance. In addition, a proof of concept is planned to take place in order to quantify the improvement in the IEQ and occupants’ satisfaction related to the operation of the automated windows. Moreover, a market analysis will be effectuated to identify the potential applications of the developed systems in existing buildings.

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