Selection of third-party funding obtained by ENAC scientists

The below list is a selection of projects that are financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation, Innosuisse or Horizon Europe. The granted projects have their start date after 01.01.2022 (source: GrantsDB).

Start dateFundingProgrammeInstitutLaboratoryScientistTitle
2024.04.01FNSSPARKIIEPERLGrossiord CharlotteIdentifying the mechanisms behind the deadly impact of high vapor pressure deficit in trees
2024.02.01FNSProject FundingIIEWIREPorté-Agel FernandoTurbulence in wind farms: Towards improved understanding and modelling
2024.02.01Horizon EuropeSERI – CL2IALASURKaufmann VincentHealthy, inclusive and sustainable remote work futures as a Win-Win for employees and employers in urban, rural and cross-border areas
2024.01.01FNSAmbizioneIICLSMSGarcia Suarez Antonio JoaquinData-Driven Computational Friction
2024.01.01FNSBRIDGEIICLMSLyesse LalouiInSituStreTech
2024.01.01FNSFNS-SINERGIAIALEUREThalmann PhilippeFrom Farm to Fork and beyond: A Systemic Approach for Implementing True Cost Accounting for Food in Switzerland
2024.01.01FNSLead AgencyIICPL-LCHDe Cesare Giovanni2-phaseSEDEXP A novel ultrasound 2-phase flow instrumentation for SEDiment transport EXPeriments & modelling
2024.01.01FNSProject FundingIICEESDBeyer KatrinBehaviour of multi-leaf stone masonry walls under in-plane shear-compression loading
2024.01.01Horizon EuropeSERI – CL5IIEEERL – LAPI – LTESchmale JuliaClouds and climate transitioning to post-fossil aerosol regime: CleanCloud
2023.12.01FNSWeaveIAURBESManoli GabrieleHEat STress Inquiry and Alleviation – in Brussels, Lausanne.
2023.12.01Horizon EuropeSERI – CL2IICEESDBeyer KatrinNon-destructive, scalable, smart monitoring of remote cultural treasures
2023.11.01InnosuisseInnovation project IICIMOSFink OlgaInsulated: integrated solution for lean and abridged thermal evaluation with digital twins
2023.10.01FNSConsolidator GrantsIIEEERLSchmale JuliaORigin of Antarctic CLoud particles and their Effects on the Surface radiation budget (ORACLES)
2023.10.01FNSProject FundingIIERIVERBattin Tom IanOrganic carbon metabolism in high-mountain stream networks C-NET_2
2023.10.01FNSProject FundingIIEMICROBEGu WenyuFrom the physiology of methanogens to a robust biological methanation process
2023.10.01Horizon EuropeSERI – EICIICLMSLaloui LyesseBio Inspired Geotechnical Applications to Launch Pan-European Solutions
2023.09.01FNSDoc.CHIALAPISLarcelet EmmaAnalog and Digital: Addressing the continuity of architectural drawing practice in the design process
2023.09.01FNSDoc.CHIALASURMontavon ChloéLe sentiment d’insécurité comme facteur d’exclusion de l’espace public la nuit
2023.09.01FNSProject FundingIIECRYOSLehning MichaelLarge-Scale Influence of Small-Scale Snow Processes
2023.09.01FNSReturn CH Postdoc.MobilityIALASURRobert TiphaineThe autocratic automobile? A political history of the car in Switzerland (1950?2000)
2023.09.01Horizon EuropeSERI – MISSIONIIERIVERBattin Tom IanAccelerating transformative climate adaptation for higher resilience in European mountain regions
2023.08.01FNSAmbizioneIALAPISTerrier AurelieÉtude architecturale et restitution du temple gréco-romain de Sobek et Haroeris à Kom Ombo (Haute Égypte)
2023.07.01FNSLead AgencyIICLSMSMolinari Jean-FrançoisDynamic fragmentation with the cohesive Lipschitz approach
2023.07.01FNSProject FundingIIELCEKohn TamarMicrobial diversity effects on environmental virus persistence
2023.05.01FNSAgoraIICGELLecampion BriceProjet AGORA “Géothermie une énergie renouvelable 24/7: potentialités & réalités”
2023.05.01FNSAmbizioneIICEESDSaloustros SavvasEARTHEN STRUCTURES 4.0: A reengineered material for a sustainable and green circular construction
2023.05.01FNSFNS-ERA-NETIIESOILAeppli MeretThe effects of tillage practice on soil carbon sequestration mechanisms (TilSoilC)
2023.05.01FNSProject FundingIIELAPI – EMLNenes AthanasiosLipidomics:the new tool in understanding the response of airborne biological particles in a changing atmosphere (LIPIC-AIR)
2023.04.01FNSBRIDGEIICGELLecampion BriceAutomatic Acoustic Emission-MicroSeismic monitoring
2023.04.01FNSProject FundingIIERIVERPeter Hannes MarkusVirus-biofilm interactions in streams
2023.04.01InnosuisseNTN – Innovation booserIICLMSLaloui LyesseInSituStreTech
2023.03.01FNSProject FundingIICPL-LCHPerona PaoloRoot Asymmetry response to hydromechanical Forcing Tempers soil ERosion
2023.03.01FNSProject FundingIICIIC-GETurberg PascalUrban soils and ecosystem services in cities: assessing the potential for water and heat regulation
2023.03.01InnosuisseImpulseIALASTRey EmmanuelHabitat symbiotique
2023.02.01FNSProject FundingIIESOILAeppli MeretSoil organic carbon in Swiss mountain soils: abundance, distribution, and susceptibility to climate change
2023.01.01FNSProject FundingIIELGBMeibom AndersThe extremely heat-tolerant reef-building corals of the Red Sea: Physiology and holobiont composition under environmental change
2023.01.01Horizon EuropeSERI – MSCA DNIIEECEOTuia DevisAutonomous Drones for Nature Conservation Missions
2022.12.01FNSR’EquipIIELAPINenes AthanasiosAcquisition of Instrumentation for Real-Time Molecular Level Measure-ment of Atmospheric Gas- and Particle-Phase Compounds
2022.12.01Horizon EuropeSERI – CL5IALEUREThalmann PhilippeDelivering the next generation of open integrated assessment models for net-zero, sustainable development
2022.10.01FNSProject FundingIIEEERLSchmale JuliaVertical properties of aerosols in the Arctic lower atmosphere and their impact on cloud radiative effects
2022.10.01FNSSwiss Postdoctoral FellowshipsIIELCEDavid Shannon ChristaRole of Commensal Bacteria in Promoting Environmental Persistence & Transmission of Influenza A Virus
2022.10.01Horizon EuropeSERI – European MetrologyIALIPIDAndersen MarilyneSupport for the standardisation of luminance distribution measurements for assessing glare and obtrusive light using high-dynamic-range imaging systems
2022.10.01Horizon EuropeSERI – MSCA DNIIERIVERBattin Tom IanCenter for Glacial Biome Doctoral Network
2022.10.01InnosuisseFlagshipIALDMHuang JeffreyThe Blue City Project
2022.10.01InnosuisseInnovation project IIECRYOSSkaloud JanMulti-sensor adjustment of raw LiDAR, visual and inertial measurements in kinematic laser scanning devices
2022.09.01FNSAgoraIALIPIDAndersen MarilyneLighten up – Inside the Biology of Time
2022.09.01FNSProject FundingIIEECEOTuia DevisLearning unbiased habitat suitability at scale with AI
2022.09.01Horizon EuropeSERI – HLTHIIELAPINenes AthanasiosDisrupting Noxious Synergies of Indoor Air Pollutants and their Impact in Childhood Health and Wellbeing, using Advanced Intelligent Multisensing and Green Interventions
2022.07.01Horizon EuropeSERI – CL5IICHOBELLicina DusanIndustrialised and Personalised Renovation for Sustainable Societies
2022.07.01InnosuisseInnovation project IICIMOSFink OlgaScalable pump fleet knowledge transfer
2022.07.01InnosuisseInnovation project IIECRYOSLehning MichaelPotential and challenges of utility scale PV in alpine environments – Example Muttsee
2022.06.01InnosuisseInnovation project without implementation partner IICLUTSGeroliminis NikolaosCityDronics
2022.05.01FNSProject FundingIIEEMLBernier-Latmani RizlanCrystalline and non-crystalline products of uranium(VI) reduction: formation, characterization and role of pentavalent U
2022.05.01FNSVietnamese-Swiss JRPIIEEMLBernier-Latmani RizlanRole of microbial C, S and N cycling in the fate of As in aquifers in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
2022.05.01InnosuisseInnovation cheque ENACENAC-GESchueler AndreasCharacterization frameworks for architectural solar glass
2022.04.01FNSAgoraIIEPERLGrossiord CharlotteDear2050: Entangled Forests
2022.04.01FNSLead AgencyIICTRANSP-ORBierlaire MichelMigration and Discrete Choice Models (MIGDCM)
2022.04.01FNSLead AgencyIIEGR-CELBreider FlorianValidation of Artificial Intelligence Time Resolved Fluorescence method for the real-time monitoring of critical pollutants in industrial and municipal effluents
2022.04.01FNSProject FundingIICIMOSFink OlgaOperational digital twins of complex industrial systems based on physics-informed deep learning with integrated structural inductive bias, physics and domain expertise
2022.04.01FNSProject FundingIIEPERLGrossiord CharlotteHEAT – Keeping it cool in a Hotter world: brEAking new ground into the drivers and consequences of forest Temperature regulation
2022.04.01FNSWeaveIICTRANSP-ORBierlaire MichelMigration and Discrete Choice Models
2022.03.01FNSBRIDGEENACENAC-GESchueler Andreas Solaxer: Highly durable selective absorber coatings for concentrating solar collectors
2022.03.01FNSCOSTIIEECHOBenettin PaoloTracing the origins of transpired waters: theoretical developments and application to a vineyard in the Chianti regionTracing the origins of transpired waters: theoretical developments and applicati
2022.03.01InnosuisseInnovation project IICEESDBeyer KatrinIntelligent Bridge Inspection
2022.03.01InnosuisseInnovation project IICLSMSMolinari Jean-FrançoisSurface design for improved frictional properties to lower CO2 footprint and foster formability
2022.02.01FNSR’EquipIICHOBELLicina DusanSwiss Manikin Research Center as a platform for research collabo-ration
2022.02.01InnosuisseNTN – Innovation booster IIELASIGJoost StéphaneDes parcours urbains multimodaux pour favoriser l’activité physique
2022.01.01FNSPRIMAIICRPGLKushnir AlexandraRedistribution of Silica and Deposition under a volcanic edifice (ReSiDue)Redistribution of Silica and Deposition under a volcanic edifice (ReSiDue)
2022.01.01FNSProject FundingIICLEMRViolay MarieUnravelling the complexity of the Brittle-ductile transition in the crust: implications for deep hydro-geothermal circulation
2022.01.01Horizon EuropeSERI – EITIALASURAlbrecher RenateSeating accommodations – knowledge gaps and training-needs in Cities
2022.01.01InnosuisseInnovation project IICLMSLaloui LyesseAssessing and exploiting the interaction between ventilation and geothermal systems in energy tunnels