Parylene Silanization

A174 SILANISATION to improve parylene adhesion


Silanisation gives better parylene adhesion on your Si/Glass wafers.
Silanisation takes place in the clean room in Zone 14.
For new glass wafers, PIRHANA cleaning is strongly recommended. On glass wafers, 30sec BHF treatment increases surface roughness and helps for parylene adhesion as well.


For a silanisation run Z14, please follow these steps :
1. Fetch the IPA and A174 adhesion promoter in the solvent cabinet (if there is not enough IPA ask staff to get some fresh IPA in the cleanroom),
2. Check if IPA bottle are properly filled for rinsing operation later on,
3. Switch on the oven or/and set up the temperature at 100°C.
4. Log on solvent wet bench to get water.
5. Fill a glassware with an (IPA : DI water : silane-A174) volume ratio of (150 : 10 : 1) – for A174 it is convenient to use the dedicated syringe.
(e.g. do not choose 2000ml glass beaker if you process chips!)
6. Wait 10min and stir the bath every minute.
7. Use an adapted carrier, place your samples in the solution and gently stir during 5min.
8. Rinse the wafers with IPA only and place them in the dedicated carrier for loading in the oven at 100°C during 10min. Dispose the used solutions in the dedicated waste bottles.
9. Unload your wafers from oven, and wait few minutes to cool down before transferring in your box.
10. Wafers are ready to be parylene coated.