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Management of Innovation and Technology Transfer (mintt) is an accredited doctoral course addressed to PhD students of EPFL. It is organized by the Technology Transfer Office.

mintt at a glance

Management of Innovation and Technology Transfer (mintt) course purpose is to provide PhD students at EPFL with accelerated training in invention management, assessment of the potential, intellectual property rights elaboration, license negotiation, startup option evaluation and experience integrating academic results into industrial processes and markets.


mintt is based on real-world cases of EPFL inventions and is taught by experienced and active professionals in the field of technology transfer working at the Technology Transfer Office and by invited speakers who are firmly involved in developing innovation arising out of academia.

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The course starts with two full days of teaching modules. It is then followed by three-day workshops.

A working group is then initiated to complete an EPFL invention/technology/startup case study. A full day of report & discussion is organised with the rest of the class.

Please note that your application is subject to a selection process and confirmation.

Course Information

It is mandatory to attend all modules and workshops to be eligible to receive the credits. The course awards 3 academic credits.
Deadline for application
The deadline to submit your application is April 28, 2024.
Form of exam
In order to earn the credits, the expected outcomes of the class are a project report and an oral presentation, both prepared as a group.
The official language of the course is English.
The course will take place on:
– June 3, 4 & 5, 2024;
– June 17, 19 & 20, 2024;
– September 11, 2024 (presentation of case studies).

Each day, the course will begin at 08:30-09:00 and conclude around 17:30-18:00.
Size of the classe
The maximum number of participants is 30. The candidates are selected through a process that balances several factors including multi-disciplinarity among participants, need for credits and PhD year.
External attendees

The external auditors are allowed to attend the two full days of teaching modules and the three-day workshops.

If you are interested to attend the course you can register using the link below.


mint is organized by the Technology Transfer team and is part of the Doctoral School (cf. course ref. ENG-623).

For any questions please contact [email protected]

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