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Smart Tools for Timber Drilling Assisted with Augmented Reality

Open Science, Open Software

New augmented reality platforms using robotic technologies can assist with wood fabrication tasks, which can be made openly accessible using simple sensors or displays with an augmented reality framework developed in Linux and C++.

Bringing Open Source to Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Open Science, Open Software

What is the project about? → Sharing Geometry & Data between everybody involved in a building project Let’s say you are an architect contracted to construct a building. Thanks to your computer, you will probably model the project in 3D, then organize a whole bunch of data to evaluate its costs or its thermal performance. (…)

Breaking Interoperability Barriers In Architecture, Engineering And Construction Software

Open Science, Open Software

The TopSolid-Speckle Connector is an Open Source plugin for the CAD-CAM software TopSolid that prevents proprietary enclosure of data and allows better collaborative workflows between different disciplines working on architectural projects.

Phoenix3D: Reducing Environmental Impact Of New Structures

Open Software

Phoenix3D is aimed for architects and structural engineers who are designing structures that are made from reused elements, as this can significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Modelling Snow Avalanches With AVAC 3.0

Open Science, Open Software

Avalanche-dynamics computational models are useful for predicting extreme avalanches and their threat to urbanized areas or civil-engineering structures like ski lifts, railway or reservoirs.

Cleaning Arctic Aerosol Datasets From Pollution

Open Science, Open Software

The Pollution Detection Algorithm was developed to identify local pollution emission from vessel stacks in aerosol and trace gas datasets in remote locations.

Solving Contact Mechanics Problems With Tamaas

Open Science, Open Software

Tamaas solves contact mechanics problems with periodic rough surfaces, plasticity, adhesion and friction using the boundary element method.


Open Science, Open Software

Models, software and code of Composite Fields for Human Pose Estimation

PyFrac Open Software

Open Science, Open Software

PyFrac is a python solver for 3D fluid-driven fractures propagation, released under GPLv3 license.

TrajNet++: Trajectory Forecasting Benchmark & Challenge

Open Science, Open Software

A machine learning challenge, with accompanying data and evaluation codes, open to the public on; all scripts are shared under MIT license.