Seasonal activities between mountains and lakes


Along with lifestyles, leisure activities have been transformed over the last three decades, while transport networks were still mainly focusing on commuting. Because of their temporal and spatial fluidity, these activities produce trips that are difficult to capture. Nevertheless, they are generating the longest travel distances, mostly using automobile.
In the Vaud region, this phenomenon is further amplified by the proximity of the Alps, the Jura and Lake Geneva, which provide a wide range of opportunities.
This research project, carried out in collaboration with the Direction Générale des Mobilités et des Routes from the Canton de Vaud, aims to learn more about individual travel behaviors for leisure activities, in order to promote more sustainable travels and activities closer to home. A quantitative survey of 3000 Vaud residents will collect data on the location and frequency of leisure activities, modes of transport, and the underlying reasons for these choices. The objective is to provide new insights about the link between lifestyles and leisure activities ; transport accessibility and travel choices ; spatial clustering of activities and available amenities. As results, we seek to develop ideas to communicate to local stakeholders for transport and leisure facilities that take into account the complexity of individual choices.

General information

  • PI: Florian Masse (LASUR/IA)
  • Non-academic partner: DGMR, Canton de Vaud
  • Start date: 01.02.2023
  • Duration: 12 months