ENAC Flagship projects


With joint expertise in architecture, civil engineering and environmental sciences and engineering, ENAC has a unique capability and a responsibility presenting visions and developing holistic solutions for the future.

ENAC aims, via its Clusters and close collaboration with Interdisciplinary Centers, at stimulating the researchers to think across boundaries and envision all-encompassing solutions to critical societal problems.

It is still often a challenge to obtain substantial third-party funding for research projects that are based on interdisciplinary approaches and to convince the scientific community of a new approach that goes beyond the state-of-the-art in more than a single discipline. The ENAC dean’s office is therefore financing interdisciplinary research projects from ENAC researchers through internal calls for proposals.

A new call, “ENAC Flagship projects“, opens on September 12, 2022, and ENAC professors are strongly encouraged to apply (submission deadline for Pre-proposal: 11 October 2022): CALL IS CLOSED