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Url versus hosting

In the real world, a person has an address AND a place to live, two essential but distinct things.On the web, you also need an address (url) and an hosting solution for a website.EPFL offers free hosting solutions and addresses in the area http://— The addresses open to the outside (web) are subject to validation, usually by the head of the institute or service concerned.EPFL offers different tools depending on the specific online content (generic website, publications, news feeds, event announcements, forms, document and calendar sharing …)


Site addresses are subject to validation, usually by the head of the institute or department concerned. Please read the best practices on the determination of an url at EPFL.

Web hosting

With regard to general information websites, you have the choice between:

  • For those who focus on content and are not developers : use the WordPress CMS (with support)
  • For developers and IT experts : manage your own web hosting on the LAMP server (without support)

You can also use external web hosting provider, but you will not have an address in the domain
Web site hosting is free but reserved for EPFL employees, as part of the professional activities of their unit (lab, chair, services).

Choose between different solutions

WordPress managed WordPress ‘inside’ LAMP hosting
Skills / responsible Everyone, beginner Everyone, beginner IT Developer
Technical support Yes ([email protected]) Yes ([email protected]) No, see conditions
Documentation yes yes outside EPFL
Courses given by EPFL yes yes no
EPFL graphic charter yes yes to implement
Systems security yes yes to implement
Secure access to content (intranet) no yes to implement
Administrators management via the accreditation system via the accreditation system To implemnt (but the admin has to be accredited at EPFL)
Backup yes yes 1 time per day (files + DB)
Adding local database no no 1 per website


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