Editing rights

To be able to modify the content of your site, a user needs to have the correct rights. Unlike other web tools used by EPFL (Jahia, Wiki…) there are only editing and administration rights in WordPress. Thus there is no way to limit the access to certain pages that you would want to restrict to a certain public (Intranet). All WordPress sites are thus public.

Below you will find the necessary information to understand and manage the rights of your WordPress website.


  • Each WordPress site is linked to a unit.
  • Only two possible rights: Administrator and Editor.
  • These rights can be managed through Accred and NOT through WordPress
  • In Accred the IT manager has the Administration right of the WordPress site. They can choose to give this right to others.
  • In Accred the Communication Officer has the Editing right of the WordPress site. They can choose to give this right to others.
  • There isn’t a difference between the Editing rights and Adminstrative right.

For your information: WordPress has its own rights management system, but it isn’t used by EPFL.

In practice this means that to be able to take care of a site, a user will need the rights to do so. These can be give by either the Communication Officer or the IT manager of the unit which the site (Not the person) is linked to.


Accred and WordPress use the same word to describe two different things.

  • In WordPress, each user has a role, each role having a certain amount of rights. The actions and editing power of a user thus depend on their attributed role.
  • In Accred, a role encompasses a certain number of rights, which are distributed depending on certain functions. Example: The role IT manager encompasses the right linked to IT, the role Administration Officer has rights linked to administrative activities. People who wish to edit a website need to ask the IT manager / Admin. Officer to give them the right to do so.

In other words, a user will obtain a right in Accred. This right will be recognized as a role in WordPress.

WordPress Editor vs WordPress Admin

During implementation of WordPress at EPFL, it was decided to distinguish two rights: Editor and Admin. Long story short, the distinction between has been aboished at the end of May in 2018. Either right now allows you to have the same editing power for a WordPress site.

The result is that people wanting to manage a WordPress website can either ask for Editor or Admin from respectively the Communication Officer and the IT manager, and obtain the same rights.

What is ‘Accred’?

Accred is a system that manages the rights of people at EPFL, and allows us to answer: What right, who, where, when?

Different services in EPFL use Accred to control the access of, for example, the internal network of EPFL, certain buildings (CAMIPRO), inventories. WordPress thus uses this system too.

This means that the rights of WordPress are not managed inside WordPress, but in Accred.

How does Accred work?

This page from the Accred Help site will answer these questions:

  • What are my rights?
  • What are my roles?
  • Who are the IT managers, Communication Officers of a certain unit?

How do I modify Accred Rights?

The page Add/Remove rights of the Accred site explains how to do this.