Create a new page

Page or article

If you do not know the difference between page and article or if you are hesitant to use one or the other, please read this information.

In a nutshell

  1. From the horizontal WP menu, choose Create > Page
  2. Give a title to the page
  3. Add the desired content
  4. In the page attributes, specify the parent page
  5. Click on Publish or Save Draft

Important: Then add your page to the menu so that it is visible on your site

In detail

Adding a page

There are several ways to create pages. You can

  • Choose Create > Page from the horizontal WP menu
  • Move the mouse over the Pages button in the sidebar and click on the Add button
  • Click on the Pages button in the sidebar, then click on the Add button in the upper corner of the page list

Choice of language

Once the page is created, the default language is proposed. If you want to start editing your new page in the other language, proceed as follows:

  • In the Languages block, click on the drop-down menu and choose another one from those managed on your site

Page Attributes

  • Parent: You have the possibility to specify a parent page.
    WordPress uses this information to build the URL of the page, using the same URL as the parent page.
    The page level is visible in the page list.
    The indication of the parent page has no impact on the creation of the menu.
  • Order: You can set a numerical value to determine how you want the page to appear in the page list.
    For example: leaving it as “0” means that it will be the first page of your list. If other pages are also set to “0”, the hierarchy will be published either in chronological order or in alphabetical order (default). If you put a “1” in this box, all pages with a value of “0” will come first, etc


By default, changes are published immediately.

    • Click Save draft to continue editing your work and publish it later. Note: this option is only available for new pages (= those that have never been published, it is not available for modified pages)
  • If you want to publish a page at a later date, click on the Edit button next to the Publish Now option, determine a date and then click OK and then click Publish
  • Note: The Pending proofreading option is not available at EPFL. It concerns a user profile that is not implemented.


Pages are not automatically added to the menu, it is up to the webmaster to do so. Here’s how to add a page to the main menu