Manage, modify, delete your memento

Management of your memento’s announcements

A memento’s moderator can make changes on the memento’s announcements at any time.
In order to do so, he must:
  1. Login to the memento (Link at the bottom of the page).
  2. Go to “My mementos” > “Modify my memento’s event announcements”.
  3. Check that you are in the right memento.
  4. The possible actions are:
a.    Modify an announcements (the changes are copied on each of the announcement’s publications)
b.    Delete an announcement (it doesn’t appear in your memento anymore, but stays in the other mementos where it has been accepted).
c.     Place the selected announcement on faculty memento’s homepage (only available for a faculty moderator).
The deleted announcements are placed into “My mementos” > “ Deleted event announcements” and can be recovered at any time.

To cancel an announcement that has already been published, please refer to “How to cancel an event announcement”.

Delete a memento

To delete a local memento, please send a request to [email protected].

It is obviously impossible to delete a faculty memento.