Modify an announcement

Possible actions on an announcement

Once your announcement is written and saved, you can modify it by going into “My event announcement” > “Modify my events”.

You can do the following actions to your announcement:

  • Modify it.
  • Cancel it (only for events that are already published). A banner appears on the event to say that it isn’t held anymore.
  • Delete it (only for unpublished announcements).
  • Check if its publishing request has been accepted and for which mementos.

Modify an announcement

A person who created an annoucement may change it at any time, even after its publication: these changes will be reflected everywhere (= on each memento) whereit has been accepted, and this without involving the various moderators.
In fact there is just one announcement, but that can be displayed in several places (in the same way that many television are broadcasting the same program).