Make an announcement

The announcement is a memento’s base

Correct approach: I have an announcement to make (conference, seminar, special event…): I will post in in the EPFL memento or in my faculty’s memento to obtain high visibility.
Less optimal approach : I want a local memento, I’ll see later if I can add a few events to it.

How to announce an event?

  1. Click on “Announce an event” and login with your GASPAR username.
  2. Write your announcement: simple (1 event) ou grouped (conferences being held repeatedly, a few seminars reunited under the same name, a day withholding several events).
  3. For your announcement to have the best impact, broadcast it in the primary mementos (EPFL, faculty or local mementos).
  4. You will receive an email notification as soon as the moderators accept your announcement.All announcements are submitted to moderators, independently from each other. An announcement can be accepted in one memento but not in another.


    Thesis announcements are the responsibility of the Academic Service, to the exclusion of any other source.It is therefore not possible to submit a thesis announcement.