Memento application help


EPFL memento provides information about everything happening on the campus. The memento is the web application destined to promote events organized by and at the EPFL.To make an announcement on the EPFL memento, is to ensure the best possible visibility for your event

  • The EPFL main memento, linked in on the homepage, displays the major events, by categories (conferences, theses…)
  • The academic calendar provides information on the studies’ official dates.
  • Each school, and some labs and services, has its own memento.
  • The associations also have their memento, combined with a newsletter, to provide information on the amazing campus life.

Each employee or student is encouraged to post their announcement on memento , but these announcements are subjected to moderation.

  • For the readers
    Consult the memento.
    Subscribe to the memento(s) that interest you and you will regularly receive an e-mail summarizing what is happening at the EPFL.
    Retrieve a RSS feed.
    Read the memento on the homepage or on the faculty webpages.
    Consult the academic calendar.
  • For the contributors
    Post an ad that will be broadcasted in key areas and will ensure for you event the media coverage it deserves.
  • For communication officers
    Manage and moderate a memento for a school or a lab
    Enrich your memento with other events.
    Ask for a local memento for one’s services
  • For the webmasters
    Display a memento or the academic calendar on one’s webpage.
    Retrieve announcement archives.