In general

All Projeter Ensemble courses are centered on an interdisciplinary approach to education

  • The pedagogical teams are made up of teachers and experts from different disciplines, each bringing a particular approach to the course material.
  • The student groups for each course are made up of students from different ENAC sections, who work together to apply their respective knowledge bases towards a collaborative solutions.

The ENAC Week take place during the Ba4 spring semester. During the part of the course that takes place in situ, all other courses are cancelled for ENAC students in the 2nd year of their bachelor cycle for one week, usually the first week of May, so that they can take part in their ENAC week.

The ENAC teaching units take place the following year in the spring semester Ba6, during the 3rd year of the bachelor cycle – this format is taught in weekly 4-hour sessions.

ENAC Summer Workshops take place during the summer break before the start of the autumn semester, and can be taken just before or during the Master’s cycle. Students can choose to follow either an ENAC Semester Project or an ENAC Summer Workshop, depending on their particular Master’s study plan.

Like all EPFL courses, ENAC Weeks and Teaching Units taken as a part of the Projeter Ensemble study plan are subject to an in-depth evaluation procedure supervised by the EPFL Teaching Support Center, as well as a personalized advisory service that can be organized at the request of the teaching team.

The official call for proposals for ENAC weeks and teaching units is sent out in the spring semester to the entire ENAC teaching community, with selection taking place at the start of each autumn semester. However, proposals are always welcome, so if you are interested please contact the program coordinator [email protected] for further information.

For any further questions please contact [email protected]