At ENAC, students are offered world-class undergraduate and graduate courses, allowing them to become specialists in their own domain of study. Throughout their bachelor education, students acquire the foundation upon which they build their specialization in the master’s degree program.Hands-on design projects with deliberate exposure to other disciplines add unique value in preserving a broad approach to knowledge and recognizing how each discipline directly or indirectly connects to others.Mandatory internships in industry and academia give students early exposure to what awaits them after their graduation. Early on in their studies, students experience for themselves the potential and the challenge of interdisciplinary breadth and plant the seeds for their budding careers.



Training future architects by giving them a solid polytechnic background is the key role of the Section d’Architecture at EPFL: the Bachelor years forming a common base, the Master phase crowning personal development.

Civil Engineering

To provide a training in Civil Engineering with specializations in Structural Engineering, Hydraulics and Energy, Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation and Mobility.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Our planet faces multiple challenges to the environment, some of the major ones being – climate change, depletion of resources such as drinking water, increasing pollution, human population growth and the loss of biodiversity.

Design Together

As the core element of the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC), the interdisciplinary teaching program “Design Together” enables the next generation of engineers and architects to integrate disciplinary knowledge to tackle complex challenges in a changing world.

Student Kreativity and innovation Lab (SKIL)

The School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) is currently developing a custom-made experimental infrastructure for students called SKIL (Student Kreativity and Innovation Laboratory) – essentially a big, well-equipped workshop in which students can set themselves free, aided and coached in their creativity.

Swiss Living Challenge / NeighborHub

The NeighborHub solar house, winner of the Solar Decathlon 2017, imagines a better future together with the locals.