Three sections to train tomorrow’s engineers

Each of ENAC’s three sections delivers excellence in education, with world-class courses that enable students to become experts in their chosen fields. During their Bachelor’s degree, they acquire the foundations on which their chosen Master’s specialization will be based.



We train future architects by giving them a solid polytechnic background is the key role of the Section d’Architecture at EPFL. The Bachelor years form a common base, the Master phase completes a personal development.

Civil Engineering

We provide a training in Civil Engineering with specializations in Structural Engineering, Hydraulics and Energy, Geotechnical Engineering and Transportation and Mobility.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering

We prepare future engineers for the major challenges facing our planet: climate change, depletion of resources such as drinking water, increasing pollution, human population growth and the loss of biodiversity.

Interdisciplinarity in teaching

Throughout their course, students work on hands-on design projects with peers from other disciplines. This specificity gives them a unique opportunity to develop a global approach to knowledge and discover the direct and indirect interconnections in each field. Students must also complete internships in industry and academia, exposing them early on to the skills they will need to succeed after graduation.

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Continuing education

ENAC’s mission is not limited to the education of successful professionals. We also aim to update and develop the knowledge and skills of established experts. This is why the faculty offers a wide range of continuing education programs.