The networking of PhD students registered is structured through informal meetings (“IDEAS Lunch Seminars”), which are organized around presentations given by the PhD students of the respective research project(s). This method allows them to get into a rhythm of well-managed projects and get used to public presentations. It is also a discussion platform favoring interactivity and exchange of ideas between doctoral students, employees of different laboratories and guest researchers. The get-togethers take place once a month between 12:30 and 2 p.m., with a snack offered to participants.

IDEAS Lunch Seminars 2012 – 2019

04 December 2019 | Sara Formery | “Stratégies intégratives pour des quartiers rhodaniens en transition

13 November 2019 | Geraldine Quek | “Visual Comfort Without Borders – Extending discomfort glare prediction to dim daylit environments

02 October 2019 | Caroline Karmann | “What attracts our visual attention? A study on saliency mapping for architectural daylit scenes based on virtual reality data

11 September 2019 | Thomas Jusselme | “Integrating carbon footprint assessment at early stages: towards an LCA-based data-driven design method

05 June 2019 | Jan Wienold | “Daylight in buildings – How research results get implemented in a standard for Switzerland and Europe

10 April 2019 | Anna Pagani | “Towards sustainability through the housing function: The decision-making system of tenants in Switzerland

20 March 2019 | Angela Clua Longas | “Architectural Design towards the Energy Transition: The Advanced Active Façade (AAF)

28 November 2018 | Judith Drouilles | “Peri-urban neighbourhoods of single-family houses in transition: comparative assessment of prospective scenarios for 2050

31 October 2018 | Forrest Webler | “Measuring Light in the Anthropocene: A Human Centric Approach to Evaluating the Indirect Effects of Daylight in the Built Environment

27 June 2018 | Aleksis Dind | “WORKING SPACE – A modular timber construction system for the sustainable vertical extension of office buildings. From integrated design to real application

30 May 2018 | Luisa Pastore | “LOOKING AT MINERGIE BUILDINGS FROM THE USER’S PERSPECTIVE. Insights from a post-occupancy evaluation and a façade design analysis

18 April 2018 | Clotilde Pierson | “Discomfort glare from daylighting: study of factors influencing discomfort glare perception and validation of a universal discomfort glare index

21 March 2018 | Angela Clua Longas | “The Advanced Active Façade Prototype: a demonstrator to raise BIPV awareness and a showcase for BIPV architectural composition

29 November 2017 | Victoria Soto Magan | “Human-centred lighting for office buildings. Appraisal of visual and non-visual effects

13 September 2017 | Judith Drouilles | “Swiss peri-urban neighbourhoods of single-family houses: design and assessment of their adaptation to sustainability challenges by 2050

28 June 2017 | Sergi Aguacil | “Life-cycle analysis of renovation projects with Building‐Integrated Photovoltaics: Influence of energy use scenarios

17 May 2017 | Minu Agarwal | “Reconsidering early neighbourhood design performance: Determining appropriate Level of Detail (LoD) of façade elements for simulation based design evaluation

03 May 2017 | Aleksis Dind | “WORKING SPACE – an innovative modular timber construction system for the sustainable vertical extension of office buildings

01 February 2017 | Martine Laprise | “Urban Brownfields Regeneration Projects. An operational monitoring tool to facilitate the integration of sustainability

07 December 2016 | Mary Katherine Heinrich | “Using self-organizing plant-robot bio-hybrids to grow architectural artifacts

16 November 2016 | Peter Hansen | “Contrast glare and visual comfort in response to daylight

12 October 2016 | Angela Clua Longas | “A research methodology towards advanced active façades

14 September 2016 | Giorgia Chinazzo | “Influence of visual and thermal interactions on comfort perception: a focus on the hue-heat hypothesis

11 May 2016 | Kynthia Chamilothori | “Patterns of daylight and spatial ambiance: a preliminary study in immersive virtual reality

20 April 2016 | Judith Drouilles | “Peri-urban single-family houses neighbourhoods facing sustainability issues : prospective transformation scenarios in Switzerland

10 February 2016 | Giuseppe Peronato | “BIPV in urban renewal processes: from 3D city models to planning decisions. State of the art, present and prospective work

13 January 2016 | Zohreh Shafi | “Energy scenarios in urban renewal processes: a GIS-based approach to analyse the urban-scale installation of photovoltaics. Case study of two neighborhoods in Neuchâtel

02 December 2015 | Sergi Aguacil | “Architectural design strategies for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) in urban renewal processes

02 December 2014 | Giorgia Chinazzo | “Refurbishment of existing envelopes in residential buildings: assessing robust solutions for future climate change

08 October 2014 | Aleksis Dind | “Living Shell: Qualitative densification by the development a new light construction system specifically adapted to the extension and raising of buildings

05 February 2014 | Lorenzo Cantelli | “An overview of Lightsolve

22 January 2014 | Giuseppe Peronato | “Built density, solar potential and daylighting. Application of parametric studies and performance simulation tools in urban design

11 December 2013 | Loïc Fumeaux | “OnStage project: Updates and outlooks”

27 November 2013 | Sophie Lufkin | “Quartiers symbiotiques: augmenter le potentiel d’autonomie énergétique à l’échelle locale”

17 July 2013 | Martine Laprise | “SIPRIUS – Système d’indicateurs opérationnels pour l’intégration de la durabilité aux projets de régénération de friches urbaines”

08 May 2013 | Siobhan Rockcastle | “New Metrics for the Dynamic Analysis of Contrast & Light Variability in Architecture”

06 March 2013 | Boris Karamata | “Novel designs for harvesting or blocking direct sunlight”

13 February 2013 | Shady Attia | “Measuring the Usability and Effectiveness of Building Performance Simulations Tools

23 January 2013 | Sophie Lufkin | “Friches ferroviaires en quête d’usagers

21 November 2012 | Antoine Guillemin and Lorenzo Cantelli | “Lightsolve Beta version demo and next steps discussion

22 August 2012 | Thomas Moisan | “Integrative approach to assess the performance of light-interacting façades and building materials

11 July 2012 | Parag Rastogi | “Environment and Envelopes – from climate metrics to building skins

13 June 2012 | María Lovísa Ámundadóttir | “Healthy lighting: a framework for predicting the non-visual light effects

16 May 2012 | Emilie Nault | “Energy potential and interactive design in the urban context

18 April 2012 | Maria Riera | “Outils pour un renouvellement durable des quartiers urbains”

18 January 2012 | Loïc Fumeaux | “Construire éphémère ou durable? et pourquoi pas les deux…”