Academic Year 2018-2019

SWISSCOM-DISAL-MP40: Fabian Schulz, 5G Heterogeneous Communication Architectures for the Internet of Things
NAGPAL-DISAL-MP37: Lucie Houel, Self-assembly of soft-robots in simulation inspired by army ant bridge behavior
DISAL-SP130: Costa Georgantas, Computational Fluid Dynamics to Assess the Impact of the Wake of a Quadcopter on a Plume of Gas
DISAL-SP129: Hannes Kaspar Rovina, Cooperative Localization for a Swarm of AUVs
DISAL-SP128: Daniel Dias, Automatic Design of a Behavioral Arbitrator for Khepera IV Robots using Particle Swarm Optimization
DISAL-SP127: Jeremy Wanner, Toward Automatic Design of Controllers: Identification and Implementation of Basic Behaviors for Khepera IV Robots
DISAL-SP126: Hugo Grall Lucas, Design and Evaluation of a SLAM Algorithm for a Small-Scale Multi-Robot System
DISAL-SP125: Paul Callens, Underwater AUV localization
DISAL-SP124: Darko Lukic, Underwater Acoustic Communication
DISAL-SP123: Valentin Kindschi, Adapting a Quadrotor for Odor Source Localization in a Realistic Environment
DISAL-SP122: Mickaël Salamin, Probabilistic Algorithms for Odor Source Localization using a Distributed System
DISAL-SP121: Axel Nilsson, Particle-based Probabilistic Algorithm for Odor Source Localization in Obstacle Full Realistic Environment
DISAL-SU29: Darko Lukic, Underwater Acoustics