Academic Year 2015-2016

DISAL-IP30: Anwar Quraishi, Robust Position Estimation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Density Filter
DISAL-MP31: Rémi Laure, Evaluating Probabilistic Algorithms for Finding Odor Sources using Khepera IV Robot
DISAL-MP30: Romain Emery, Performance Evaluation of Bio-Inspired Algorithms in Odor Source Localization
DISAL-MP29: Thierry Dubosson, Studying the Impact of the Propeller of a Quadrotor on Gas concentration measurements using a fast Chemical Sensor (miniPID)
METEOSWISS-DISAL-MP28: Fanny Jeanneret, Evaluating Probabilistic Algorithms for Finding Odor Sources using Khepera IV Robots
DISAL-SP93: Alberto Arrighi, Formation Control of Autonomous Boats
DISAL-SP92: Simon Pyroth, Acoustic Detection of Underwater Obstacles
DISAL-SP91:  Stefano Savare, Market-based Coordination for Social Robot in Human-Populated Environment
DISAL-SP90: Francesco Giardina, Camille Fallous, Developing a Probalistic Graphical Model for Fine Particle Estimation using OpenSense and Land-Use Data
DISAL-SP89: Loic Veyssiere, Comparison of Centralized and Distributed Fusion Architectures in a Sensor Network
DISAL-SP88: David Rivollet, Cooperative Localization based on Topology Matching
DISAL-SP87: Arnaud Wald, Social Awareness in Multi-robot systems – an Institutional Approach to Robotic Formations
DISAL-SP86: Brice Platerrier, Distributed Assembly Algorithm Design & Experimental Evaluation for Lily Robots
DISAL-SP85: Jonathan Gan, A Collaborative Fusion and Tracking Algorithm based on a Sequential Monte Carlo Probability Hypothesis Density Filter
DISAL-SP84: Christophe Reiners, Ultra-Wideband Localization in Multi-Robot Systems for Person Tracking
DISAL-SP83: Audrey Marullaz, Predictive Person Following using MOnarCH Robots
DISAL-SP82: Félix Martel, Emergency Situation Response Mechanism for Multi-Robot System in Health Care facilities
DISAL-SP81: Romain Jean-Paul Emery, Odor Plume Mapping Using a Mobile Sensor Network Through Kriging
DISAL-SP80:Quentin Kuenlin, Collaborative Path Planning for Quadrotor
DISAL-SP79: Raphaël Luthi, Object Classification in Urban Environments by Means of Machine LearningTechniques