Graph-Based Distributed Control for a Heterogeneous Convoy of Intelligent Vehicles

In the scope of the FP7 project AutoNet2030 (Co-operative Systems in Support of Networked Automated Driving by 2030), this graph-based distributed control algorithm for heterogeneous convoys of intelligent vehicles makes possible the coordinated control of automated and manual vehicles, such as passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. It is enabled by a combination of advanced vehicle automation functions, state of the art sensor systems and decentralized communications systems.
Well included in the project approach for the gradual introduction of fully automated driving systems, the developed technology addresses both manual and automated vehicles by interfacing with both automation system and human-machine interfaces.
Integrated in the AutoNet2030 architecture, it has been successfully validated in a live public demonstration with one manual passenger vehicle, one automated passenger vehicle and one automated truck at AstaZero in October 2016. The project was featured in the EPFL news.

Team and Collaborators

Sponsors and Research Period

This work was supported by the European Commission under AutoNet2030, a collaborative project part of the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration (Grant Agreement No. 610542), from November 2013 to December 2016.

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