Hardware and Software Tools

Systematic experimental validation is at the core of the research undertaken at SWIS. For that, SWIS  maintains fleets of  different robotic systems and sensor network systems of varying size and capabilities. SWIS is equipped with 175 robotic nodes (from 2 cm to 24 cm in lenght) and 60 sensory nodes; most of them having the capability to be networked together through standard wireless protocols. We currently mainly used Alice II, e-puck, and Khepera III robotic platforms while Khepera I and II, Moorebot, and Hemisson robots are used more rarely, mainly for student projects. Mica-Z are our main sensor network nodes.

In addition to robots a number of specific tools for monitoring the system performances, helping navigation, and extending the energetic autonomy are also available at SWIS. Also, SWIS makes use of high-end simulation tools for exploring the performance of these systems.