During each winter semester, the DISAL laboratory offers a course on Distributed Intelligent Systems (5 ECTS; a redesigned version of a course formerly entitled Swarm Intelligence). This course is open to a fairly diverse audience, ranging from environmental engineers to computer scientists.

During each summer semester, DISAL offers an introductory course on Signals, Instruments, and Systems (5 ECTS, a redesigned version of a course formerly entitled  Introduction to Embedded and Real-Time Systems). This course is specifically targeted to environmental (compulsory) and civil (optional) engineers. At the doctoral level, DISAL is currently participating in the co-lectured courses on Topics in Autonomous Robotics (4 ECTS, summer semester of even years), Localization and Navigation Methods (4 ECTS, winter semester of even years), and Intelligent Transportation Systems (4 ECTS, summer semester of odd years).

Also, we offer semester, master, or predoctoral projects with us. Have a look at our project page and don’t hesitate to contact us! Master projects outside EPFL in collaboration with our industrial or academic partners are also possible. Contact directly Prof. Martinoli for requirements and pre-requisites.