Academic Year 2016-2017

DISAL-IP33: Johannes Brakker Løje, Deployment and Evaluation of a Cooperative Fusion Algorithm on Real Vehicles
DISAL-MP35: Danjiao Ma, Path Planning for Odor Distribution Mapping
KUMAR-DISAL-MP34: Florian Maushart, Human-aware Navigation in Populated Environment with Special Focus on Group Interactions
DISAL-MP33: Johannes Brakker Løje, Gaussian Process Labeled multi-Bernoulli Filter for Tracking in Dynamic Environments
DISAL-MP32: Romain Desarzens, Multiple Extended Target Tracking Based On PHD Filter And Gaussian Processes
DISAL-SP108: Florian Kaufmann, Development of a temperature sensor test-bed and characterization of a fast, high-resolution temperature sensor
DISAL-SP107: Vincent Demotz, Particle Filter Algorithm for Odor Source Localization
DISAL-SP106:  Hala Khodr, Optimization of Rules and Controllers for Programmable Self-Assembly of Lily Robots
DISAL-SP105: Jean-François Burnier, Sigma-Point Kalman Filtering for State Estimation
DISAL-SP104: Insaf Nejjar, Adapting a Quadrotor to Wind Tunnel Experiments
DISAL-SP103: Micha Burger, Implementing LoRa Communication Technology on an Embedded Sensing Device for Enabling Real-Time Database Updates
DISAL-SP102: Julian Ruddick, Developing Infotaxis Algorithm for Odor Source Localization in 3-D
DISAL-SP101: Wilson Colin, Human-aware Navigation in Populated Environment with Special Focus on Group Interactions
DISAL-SP100: Pierre Kibleur, 3D Bio-inspired odour source localization
DISAL-SP99: Nikita Lazarev, Designing an Embedded Electronic Device for Gas Sensing
DISAL-SP98: Alaa Bakr Maghrabi, Ultra-Wideband Localization in for Person Tracking
DISAL-SP97: Ahmed Saadallah, Graphical Interface for Simultaneous Interaction with Multiple Robots
DISAL-SP96: Maximilian Mordig, Model-Based Control of Programmable Self-Assembly of Lily Robots
DISAL-SP95: Yao Di, Experimental Validation of a Sense and Avoid System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
DISAL-SP94: Matthias Ruegg, Development and Experimental Evaluation of a Software Framework for the Lily Robots
DISAL-SU27: Danjiao Ma, Path Planning Algorithms for Odor Distribution Mapping: Real World Experiments on Khepera IV Robot
DISAL-SU26: Ahmed Saadallah, Framework for acoustic localization for AUVs
DISAL-SU25 : Hala Khodr, Experimental study of self-assembly with Lily robots