Academic Year 2019-2020

DISAL-MP45: Hugo Grall Lucas, Performance and Comparison Analysis of Linear Model Predictive Control on Reference Tracking Quadrotors
CYBERBOTICS-DISAL-MP44: Darko Lukic, ROS2 Programming Interface for the E-Puck2 Robot
HSIEH-DISAL-MP43: Hannes Rovina, Asynchronous Adaptive Sampling and Reduced-Order Modeling of Dynamic Processes by Robot Teams via Intermittently Connected Networks
CYBERBOTICS-DISAL-MP42: Michael Perret, Robot Modeling and Programming
NAGPAL-DISAL-MP41: Jeremy Wanner, Self-assembling ferro-elastomeric soft-bodied robotic modules inspired by the Army ants self-assembling swarm
DISAL-SP140: Abderrazzaq Moufidi, Validation of High-Fidelity Simulator for Odor Sensing with a Quadrotor
DISAL-SP139: Kamyar Taher, AUV Localization as an Optimization Problem
DISAL-SP138: Mehdi Akeddar, 3D Odor Distribution Mapping in Simulation
DISAL-SP137: Hugo Birch, A Comparison Between Behavioral Arbitrator-Based and Neural Network Architectures
DISAL-SP136: Eric Bergkvist, Mixed-Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization, High-Dimensional Performance Evaluation and Comparison
DISAL-SP135: Darko Lukic, Improving Greenhouse Robot Autonomy Using Machine Learning
DISAL-SP134: Zeki Erden, Towards Automatic Design of Controllers:
Implementation of a Neural Network Controller Behavior using Khepera IV Robots
DISAL-SP133: Lucas Wälti, Automatic Design of Behavioral Arbitrators for Khepera IV Robots: a Comparison between Deep Reinforcement Learning and Particle Swarm Optimization for the Training of Artificial Neural Networks
DISAL-SP132: Diana Petrescu, Towards Automatic Design of Controllers: Implementation of Machine-Learnable, Cooperative Behaviors for Khepera IV Robots
DISAL-SP131: Elise Jeandupeux, Dynamic Visualization of Real Data for 3D Odor Plume Mapping
DISAL-SU30: Hugo Birch, Probabilistic Modelling to Improve Particle Swarm Optimization in Controller Design