Academic Year 2014-2015

DISAL-IP29: Liam Hodgson, Coherent decentralized quadrotor formations in presence of sensor limitations
DISAL-IP28: Alicja Wasik, Coordination Behaviours for Formation Control of Holonomic Multi-Robot Systems
DISAL-MP27: Emil Karl Bryngelsson, Distributed Multi-Robot Coverage in Realistic Environments
DISAL-MP26: Alessio Canepa, Ultra-Wideband Localization in Multi-Robot Systems
NAGPAL-DISAL-MP25: Luca Brusatin, Dispersion Algorithms on the Kilobot Swarm
DISAL-SP78: Loic Waegeli, Distributed Assembly Algorithm Design & Experimental Evaluation for Lily Robots
DISAL-SP77: Fabrizzio Gonzales, Generating Air Pollution Maps in Lausanne using the OpenSense Fine Particle Network Data
DISAL-SP76: Lucien Troillet, Interactive Gaming with Social Robots and Humans
DISAL-SP75: Anil Kodiyan, Evaluating an Odor Source Localization Algorithm in Different Environmental Conditions
DISAL-SP74: Fanny Jeanneret-Grosjean, Generating Lausanne Pollution Maps using the OpenSense Network
DISAL-SP73: Florian Zimmerman, Dynamic Convoy Algorithm for Intelligent Cars
DISAL-SP71: Tiago Morais, System Identification and Calibration of an Active Bridge Section Model
DISAL-SP70: Algis Karpavičius, Quadrotors collision avoidance algorithms comparison
DISAL-SP69: Patrick Osterwalder, Generating Lausanne Pollution Maps using the OpenSense Network
DISAL-SP68: Remy Siegfried, Dealing with failures in real quadrotor formations
DISAL-SP67: Jonathan Giezendanner, 3D Graph-Based Formation Odor Source Localization
DISAL-SP66: Gael Lederrey, Collaborative Sensing and Decision Making for Intelligent Vehicle Maneuvers