SIS 2019-20


The ultimate goal of this course is to give the student a general understanding of fundamental principles behind civil and environmental engineering instrumentation and, more generally, embedded systems. In particular, it aims to transmit to students concrete notions about sensing, computing, communicating, and actuating in real-world settings by leveraging fundamental knowledge in signal processing, automatic control, computer science, and communication systems. Most of the theoretical concepts introduced will be put in practice using a PC with dedicated software (e.g., Matlab or C code, simulators) and, when appropriate, small mobile desktop robots or sensor nodes. A course project allows students to extend their knowledge in a given course topic and at the same time acquire additional hands-on experience.

Announcements and Additional Information

Course syllabus

Final exam guidelines


Alcherio Martinoli
Chiara Ercolani (guest lecturer)
Faezeh Rahbar (guest lecturer)
Izzet Kagan Erunsal (guest lecturer)

Teaching Assistants

Please send questions and concerns to the TA mailing list: [email protected].

Chiara Ercolani (head TA)
Faezeh Rahbar
Izzet Kagan Erunsal
Anwar Quraishi
Aurelien Brun (help TA)


Support staff

The support staff are involved in the design and testing of specific exercises and supervision of course projects.

Cyrill Baumann