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Alicja Wasik Roelofsen is the winner of the 2020 EDRS Distinction

— Alicja Wasik Roelofsen won the 2020 EDRS Thesis Distinction for her pioneering contribution to distributed social robotics

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Bahar Haghighat is the winner of the 2019 Gilbert Hausmann PhD Award

— Bahar Haghighat won the 2019 Gilbert Hausmann PhD Award for her pioneering contributions to the design, control, and modeling of self-assembling mechatronic systems.

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Bahar Haghighat is the winner of the 2018 EDRS Thesis Distinction

— Bahar Haghighat won the 2018 EDRS Thesis Distinction award with her pioneering work on self-assembling mechatronic systems

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Keynote talk by Alcherio Martinoli at the Lakeside Labs Research Days

— Professor Alcherio Martinoli delivered a keynote talk about communication in robotic swarms at the Lakeside Labs Research Days 2019.

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Bahar Haghighat wins the 3rd prize of the jury at the MT180 at EPFL

— At the third edition of "My Thesis in 180 Seconds" competition finale at EPFL held on November 21, Bahar Haghighat wins the 3rd prize of the jury​

Milos Vasic Vasic has developed cooperative perception algorithms. ©Alain Herzog/EPFL

Two intelligent vehicles are better than one

— When EPFL researchers fused the data from two intelligent vehicles, the result was a wider field of view, extended situational awareness and greater safety.

Guillaume Jornod and Prof. Alcherio Martinoli. © Alain Herzog/EPFL

With or without a driver, vehicles are able to cooperate

— EPFL researchers have developed an algorithm for automated vehicles to operate in traffic alongside manually-driven vehicles. This is a key step in the shift towards autonomous driving expected to be achieved by 2030.

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Alcherio Martinoli wins the 2016 SIE Award for Best Teaching

— The environmental engineering department’s teaching commission has awarded the 2016 Best Teaching Award to Professor Alcherio Martinoli.

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Amanda Prorok wins the 2014 ABB Award

— 03.10.2014 – 2014 ABB PhD Award: Two DISAL PhD theses have been nominated for the 2014 ABB Award, Amanda Prorok is the winner of the 2014 edition.

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Gregory Mermoud is a European PhD Award Finalist

— 2013 Georges Giralt PhD Award: Gregory Mermoud is assigned the 2nd rank for this prestigious award.

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2009-11-10 Lab hike

The pictures of our lab hike in Valais are online.

2009-06-15 New visitors at DISAL

Welcome to Prof. Prithviraj Dasgupta (University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE, U.S.A.) who will spend one month with DISAL as visiting professor and Elsa Le Caignec (ENSAM, Angers, France) as visiting bachelor student during the summer.

2009-05-01 Career success

Prof. Nikolaus Correll, a former PhD student at DISAL, has been nominated tenure-track Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO, U.S.A. His research and teaching activities will be in the area of artificial intelligence with focus on distributed robotics. Check out the website of his brand new lab!

2009-04-30 Poster awards for DISAL members

Thomas Lochmatter was award the best poster award (Distributed and Mobile Robotics category, 18 posters) at the 2009 EPFL Research Day dedicated to robotics. Grégory Mermoud was the runner-up in the same category.

2009-04-01 New people at DISAL

Welcome to Albrecht Lindner as research assistant and José Nuno Pereira as affiliated PhD student (co-advised by Prof. P. Lima).

2008-11-10 Hiking day

The 2009 DISAL annual hiking day was organized by Corinne Farquharson-Grandjean in the beautiful Lavaux. Photos are online.

2008-10-07 Move to GR building completed

We completely moved our location: our offices and most of the lab facilities are located in the GR building on the EPFL campus.

2008-10-04 Magistrale 2008

Two research assistants of DISAL were awarded for their excellent work during their master studies at the Magistrale 2008. Sven Gowal was awarded the Elca Prize for the best final average grade in Computer Science. Loïc Matthey received the prize of the Société Suisse d’Informatique (2nd best average grade in Computer Science) and the Annaheim prize for his master project. Congratulations to both of them!

2008-07-01 Riccardo Falconi joins DISAL

Riccardo Falconi (University of Bologna) joins DISAL for 6 months as visiting PhD student.

2008-05-01 New people at DISAL

Welcome to Sven Gowal (from May 15) and Amanda Prorok as research assistants, Pascal Gilbert as R&D engineer, and Corinne Farquharson-Grandjean (from May 15) as administrative assistant.

2008-05-06 SWIS becomes DISAL

Starting from May 1, 2008, the SWIS group is the Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory (DISAL) affiliated with the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ISTE) of the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC).

2008-04-08 Alcherio Martinoli appointed Associate Professor

On April 4th, the Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology appointed Alcherio Martinoli an associate professor of distributed intelligent systems at the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC). Read the press release.

2008-01-31 DISAL research featured in the New Scientist

A video featuring our research within the Europen Project Leurre has been selected by the New Scientist magazine among the top 5 tech videos of 2007.

2007-11-16 Leurre project results published in Science

The key results of the European Project Leurre focusing on mixed insect-robot societies published in Science. Here are the details of our article.

2007-10-19 SWIS annual hiking day

The 2007 SWIS annual hiking day was organized by Denis Rochat in the beautiful Jura, at the border between Switzerland and France. Photos are online.

2007-10-12 PhD student graduation

Dr Nikolaus Correll has successfully graduated with his PhD thesis entitled “Coordination schemes for distributed boundary coverage with a swarm of miniature robots: synthesis, analysis and experimental validation”. He is joining the CSAIL at the MIT as a postdoctoral fellow starting from November 1, under the supervision of Prof. Daniela Rus.

2007-08-21 New PhD student joining SWIS

Shravan Kumar Sajja joins SWIS as a PhD student.

2007-06-29 Outreaching and media coverage

Our research on Swarm-Robotic Distributed Coverage was highlighted in the National Geographic Magazine, “Swarm Theory”.

2007-05-09 Outreaching and media coverage

The movie “Alice in cockroach land” that documents the European project Leurre received the “Innovation Science Prize” at the International Science Film Festival 2007 in Athens, Greece.

2007-01-27 Best Paper Award

Vlad Trifa won the best paper award at the Int. Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB) for his paper Automated wildlife monitoring using self-configuring sensor networks deployed in natural habitats (work conducted during his master’s thesis at the Center for embedded networked sensing (CENS), UCLA.

2007-12-18 Outreaching and media coverage

Thomas Lochmatter’s work on odour source localization was awarded the Picture of the Month by the Swiss National Science Foundation (in french, in german)

2006-11-03 SWIS annual hiking day

Our annual hiking day was kindly organized by Gregory Mermoud and his family in beautiful Valais. Photos are online.

2006-10-19 Best Presentation Award

Thomas Lochmatter received the Best Presentation Award at the NCCR MICS Scientific Conference 2006 (Zurich, 17 – 19 October 2006) for his presentation “Distributed Odor Source Localization”.

2006-10-01 Visiting PhD students joining SWIS

Iñaki Navarro-Oiza (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid) and Teodora Miteva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) join SWIS as Visiting PhD Student (6 months internship).

2006-09-01 New PhD Student joining SWIS

Grégory Mermoud joins SWIS as a PhD student.

2006-07-13 Best Paper Award

Nikolaus Correll and Alcherio Martinoli receive the best paper award at DARS 2006
From left to right: Prof. Alcherio Martinoli, Nikolaus Correll, Prof. Richard Voyles

Nikolaus Correll and Alcherio Martinoli receive the Best Paper Award for their paper System Identification of Self-Organizing Robotic Swarms presented at the International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems in Minneapolis, USA.

2006-07-10 IFRR Travel Fellowship

Nikolaus Correll receives the International Foundation of Robotics Research Student Travel Fellowship Award for his paper Comparing Coordination Schemes for Miniature Robotic Swarms: A Case Study in Boundary Coverage of Regular Structures (joint work with Samuel Rutishauser and Alcherio Martinoli) presented at the International Symposium on Experimental Robotics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2006-06-15 I&C Research Day

SWIS participates at the 2006 I&C Research Day (Flyer).

2006-04-01 2006 Teaching Excellence Award

Alcherio Martinoli wins the 2006 Best Teacher Award of the Computer and Communication Sciences School assigned by the EPFL Student Association (Association Générale des Etudiants de l’EPFL, AGEPoly) in particular for his course on Swarm Intelligence. The award was officially distributed at the EPFL Graduation Day (La Magistrale) 2006.

2005-11-11 EPFL Research Day

Graduate students Christopher Cianci, Nikolaus Correll, and James Pugh presented posters show-casing their work at the 2005 EPFL Research Day.

2005-10-26 Outreaching and media coverage

The international project Mascarillons focusing on self-assembling cubic blimps featured on Discovery Channel.

2005-10-01 New PhD student joining SWIS

Thomas Lochmatter joins SWIS as a PhD student working on distributed odor source localization.

2005-09-01 Visiting PhD student joining SWIS

Nidhi Kalra joins SWIS as visiting graduate student from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University till the end of 2005.

2005-07-01 New staff joining SWIS

Xavier Raemy joins SWIS as R&D FW and HW engineer.

2005-06-23 I&C Research Day

The SWIS group participates at the I&C School’s research day (check out our RD 2005 flyer) .

2005-05-18 Outreaching and media coverage

SWIS research is highlighted in the EPFL outreaching magazine Sciensationnel.

2005-05-18 Outreaching and media coverage

Swarm Robotics research done by SWIS is featured in a 9 day long exhibition during the Swiss-wide festival Science et Cite.

2005-05-04 Outreaching and media coverage

SWIS research is highlighted in the EPFL magazine Flash and on EPFL news.

2004-12-01 Outreaching and media coverage

The european project Leurre in which the SWIS group is involved has received extensive news coverage in international print-media.

2004-11-01 New PhD student joining SWIS

Pierre Roduit joins the SWIS group as PhD student.

2004-10-01 New postdoctoral fellow joining SWIS

Julien Nembrini joins SWIS as postdoctoral scholar.

2004-10-18 New course

In the winter semester of the AY 2004-05, SWIS will offer for the first time at EPFL its course on Swarm Intelligence.

2004-07-08 I&C Research Day

SWIS presents its research activities at the I&C School 2004 Research Day for the first time. Here is the RD 2004 flyer.

2004-06-01 Outreaching and media coverage

Prof. Martinoli’s research was highlighted in the Swiss NSF Activity Report 2003.

2004-03-24 Tech Transfert Award

Olivier Michel was awarded the second price in the first “EURON – Technology Transfer Award” for his robot simulator Webots.

2003-10-01 Moving the laboratory location

The research activities of the Collective Robotics Group at the California Institute of Technology have been integrated in the newly created Swarm-Intelligent Systems Group (SWIS) and in other research units at Caltech (Robotics Research Laboratory and Engineering Design Research Laboratory).

2002-09-10 Outreaching and media coverage

A show called “Bio-Inspiration” (excerpt, 24.5 MB AVI) edited by Mark Trottenberg went on air on Sep 10, 15, and 17. CORO’s research activities were mentioned together with those of other great scientists such as Prof. Robert Full (Berkeley University, insect locomotion), Prof. Edward O. Wilson (Harvard University, social insects), and Dr. Eric Bonabeau (Icosystems Inc., Boston, swarm intelligence). The experiment of self-organizing direction of motion performed with Alice robots was originally designed and implemented by Dr. Gilles Caprari (EPFL) and Dr. Guy Theraulaz (CNRS, Toulouse, France).

2002-06-01 Journal Cover

IEEE Sensor coverSome of the results achieved in the Odor Source Localization project were recently published in the IEEE Sensors journal. The cover of the journal presented an unusual look … Adam Hayes’ research highlighted on the IEEE Sensors Journal

2001-12-01 Inventor of the Year

Ian Kelly‘s robot “SlugBot” was nominated Invention of the Year 2001. More information can be found also on Wired News. This work was entirely carried out at Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineering Laboratory at the UWE.

2001-06-01 Teaching Excellence Award

Caltech teaching award to Kjerstin Easton Kjerstin Easton was awarded for her teaching activities in labs, homework, and final projects in the Swarm Intelligence course (EE141).

2001-09-22 Career Award

KiTi 2001 Award to Alcherio Martinoli Alcherio Martinoli was awarded with the KiTi 2001 Prize for Swiss-Italian people who have distinguished themselves in the field of science, art, or humanities. The prize was assigned by the Kiwanis Club Bellinzona e Valli and handed by the head of the Education Department of the Ticino State.

From left to right: Paolo Curti, Mino Valsecchi (also winner of the KiTi 2001 for his social involvment), Filippo Di Venti (president of the Kiwanis Club Bellinzona e valli), Alcherio Martinoli, and Wahib Aladin (president of the Kiwanis Club Switzerland). © Nicola Demaldi, CdTI, 09/22/01