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Project assignments

Line following using a the e-puck’s camera

Supervisors: Chiara Ercolani, Anwar Quraishi

Group 1: Lisa Laurent and Maria Dolores Abalos

Group 2: Margot Plassard and Mostafa Genena

Group 3: Victoria Kunz and Maxwell Bergström

Group 4: Pietro Cerchiai and Remi Depalle

Group 5: Lucie Dross and Chloe Udressy

Group 6: Theo Boutros and Heloise Sandoz

Group 7: Timothee d’Amico, Raphael Angeles and Alexandre Saugy

Group 8: Camille Dross and Jeanne Estienne

Group 9: Kjetill Christinat and Agathe Crosnier

Group 10: Marie Pigneres and Raphaël Miazza

Road sign recognition with the e-puck robot

Supervisor: Faezeh Rahbar, Kagan Erunsal

Group 11: Can Eser and Laura Rabbath

Group 12: Esther Barberis and Manuel Walser

Group 13: Alexandre Bugnard and Guillaume Buchs

Group 14: Jolan Wicht and Donato Kofel

Group 15: Nicola Santacroce and Jules Gros-Daillon

Group 16: Alexis de Aragao and Evanice Ruegg

Group 17: Mathilde Boross and Mélodie Rey

Group 18: Mohamed Amine Ajnui and Naoufal Rhiss

Group 19: Jael Locher and Sara Beaudet