Xavier Raemy


2005 Master in micro-engineering


My main task at SWIS is to provide technical support to reserach and teaching activities. My R&D activities at SWIS are mainly concerned with system engineering and integration, hardware and firmware design, and mobile robotics design.

Here is an overview of my current R&D projects:

  • Collaboration on the design of the E-Puck educational robotic platform.
  • Design of a communication turret for the E-puck robot based on ZigBee.
  • Software modification to the TinyOS embedded operating system in order to add dedicated hardware support.
  • Design of local positioning and communication modules for multi-robot systems (with J. Pugh)
  • Design of e-nose modules and plume generators for the distributed odor localization project (with T. Lochmatter).

Some pictures

The e-Puck robot with ZigBee communication module

The ZigBee ready communication module



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