PhD student openings:

All our recent PhD openings have been filled.

Postdoc openings:

All our recent postdoc openings have been filled.


  • For doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows: please contact directly Prof. Martinoli.
  • For EPFL bachelor or master students or international students involved in an international exchange program with EPFL: we have from time to time some funding for internships during the summer, spring break, and some research/development part-time jobs during the semesters. Priority will be given to students who have done or have committed to do a semester/master project with us but depending on funding/supervision availability, further students are welcome.
  • For national/international bachelor and master students: no funding is currently provided by our institution for hosting undergraduate students coming from other institutions at national or international level. Currently, only limited laboratory funding for lodging and traveling is available for such internships and therefore applicants should possibly bring their own financial support with them. In order to achieve an adequate balance between instructional investment and results produced, we will give preference to longer internships (3-6) months. In case of research interest matching, we are also happy to back up initiatives for raising funds with appropriate letters of support. Only in such case, contact directly Prof. Martinoli explicitly mentioning you are willing to do an internship and you bring your own funding partially or completely sponsoring your internship. Prof. Martinoli will only respond directly to such requests. A notable exception is represented by Indian students because of the recent Indo-Swiss research collaboration agreement. Indian students without specific sponsorship should therefore directly contact Dr. Pramod Rastogi (pramod.rastogi at epfl.ch). Dr. Rastogi is the coordinator for the Swiss-Indian scientific collaboration and is gathering and classifying applications; in case we will have some openings for Indian students, we will contact directly Dr. Rastogi and he will provide us an appropriate candidate list.