Christopher Cianci


B.S. 2003, Electrical & Computer Engineering, California Institute of Technology.
B.A. 2003, Physics, Occidental College.

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Topics of Interest

Applying swarm intelligence to sensor and actuator networks, especially using threshold-based algorithms and other swarm-intelligent methods for distributed control. Of primary interest is the measuring/monitoring of spatially and temporally localized phenomena.

Past and ongoing areas of investigation include:

  • Multi-level modeling of wireless sensor & actuator networks.
  • Distributed monitoring of spatio-temporally unpredictable ephemeral events (i.e., acoustics).
  • Mobility in sensor & actuator networks; robotic sensor networks.
  • Resource allocation and power management in wireless sensor networks.
  • Threshold-based & market-based algorithms.
  • Automatic/adaptive deployment & re-configuration of robotic sensor networks.
  • Environmental monitoring and modeling using wireless sensor networks.

Current projects

Swarm-Intelligent Algorithms for Power and Information Management in Sensor Networks
The e-Puck educational robot
SwisTrack – Multi-Object Tracking Software for Robotics and Biology
Realistic Multi-Robot Simulation (Webots)

Teaching Activities

Swarm Intelligence, Sections IC & STI (2004-2007)
SWIS-IP5: Simulation of Acoustic Propagation & Radio Communication in Webots
Informatique I & II, Sections GM & EL (2006)
SWIS-SP6: Low Power Sensor Network for Collective Vision
SWIS-SP7: Low Power Sensor Network for Collective Hearing
SWIS-SP9: Ant-based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
SWIS-SP17: Simulated Realistic Communication Devices in Webots
TAYLOR-SWIS-MP2: A Framework for Bird Song Detection, Recognition, and Localization using Acoustic Sensor Networks
SWIS-SU7: Power Aware Control of an Environmental Sensor Network



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Distributed intelligent algorithms for robotic sensor networks monitoring discontinuous anisotropic environmental fields

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