Khepera IV Toolbox and Analysis

Robot assessment

The Khepera IV robot, designed and produced by K-Team, is one of the latest platforms to join our toolkit. It is a compact robot for indoor use, with a number of built-in sensors and easy expandability, making it particularly well-suited for multi-robot experiments.

As one of the first customers to receive the robot, we prepared an in-depth assessment of its characteristics and performance. Our upcoming report has been accepted to ROBOT’2015 – Second Iberian Robotics Conference and is currently awaiting publication.

Experimental datasets

In order to characterize the robot and its sensors, we performed numerous experiments. The datasets for the experiments, described in the upcoming paper, are made available below, and can be used to improve simulation models, determine the suitability of the robot, or for educational exercises.

A preliminary version of the dataset is available on the link below.

Khepera IV Toolbox

Since 2008, the Khepera III Toolbox has helped researchers and developers write applications for the Khepera III. For the new robot, we forked and adapted the toolbox, which provides a simpler API with a number of base and example applications. While we are currently keeping development in-house, you may download the latest version of the source using the link below.

There is currently no complete documentation for the Khepera IV Toolbox, but we have worked to minimize user-facing changes, and therefore the Khepera III Toolbox documentation mostly applies.