Modular Robotics

Modular Robotics at the Biorobotics Laboratory

Biorobotics Laboratory is featuring two hardware Modular Robotics platforms: Roombots and Yamor. Roombots modules are designed to self-assemble into changing, active every-day environment elements, e.g. pieces of furniture. As they have multi-purpose features they can be used to assemble legged robots, like quadruped robots (link simulation results). The Yamor project is an earlier project, featuring one-degree of freedom self-sufficient modules with Bluetooth scatternet communication. They are assembled using a pin-and-hole plug system. The Locomorph project is a EU-project that investigates locomotion and movements in animals and robots, focusing on the concepts of morphology and morphosis.


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Roombots Lola-OP

Past Projects

Yamor Locomorph