Semester and Master projects

Previous Semester Projects (Fall 2024)

  • Master thesis or Semester project: FEM modeling of a guidewire penetrating a blood clot
  • Master thesis or Semester project: Investigation of clot extraction strategies for a robotic mechanical thrombectomy

Previous Semester Projects (Spring 2023)

  • Semester project: FEM modeling of arterial occlusions
  • Semester project: Recovery stepping strategy on a lower limb exoskeleton
  • Semester project: Design of an upper limb exoskeleton
  • Semester project: Control of a supernumerary robotic limb
  • Semester project: Real-time OS implementation on MCU boards

Previous Semester Projects (Fall 2022)

  • Semester project: Designing a Scalable, Modular Framework for a Foot-Interface System
  • Semester project: Design of an intuitive master device for neuroendovascular robotics
  • Semester project: Mechanical design of soles for autonomyo exoskeleton
  • Semester project: Implementation of position control on a 2 DOF device for the navigation of a thrombectomy guidewire

Previous Semester and Master projects (Summer 2019)

  • Master thesis: Developing a flexible, research hardware and software testbed to facilitate systematic research on designing vibrotactile stimuli
  • Master thesis: Development and improvement of hybrid walking assistive strategies for a lower limb exoskeleton
  • Master thesis: Mise en œuvre de stratégie de rééducation robotiques pour les membres inférieurs, applications aux patients atteints d’AVC
  • Semester Project: Integration of VR with a 6-DOFs robotic platform
  • Semester Project: Captur, from a passive lower limb exoskeleton to characterization of gait
  • Semester Project: Development of a parallel kinematic toolkit
  • Semester Project: Development of a haptic device for cardio-vascular surgery, Sarah Bonaly