Kamilo Melo

After working as Postdoctoral researcher of the Biorobotics Laboratory of EPFL, Dr. Melo founded KM-RoBoTa, a company that develops advanced robotic systems for a number of fields, including Scientific research, Industrial inspection and Art.
Although full time dedicated to his company, he still collaborates scientifically with EPFL, being involved in several projects with contributions that range from basic scientific leadership, to the development of the engineering behind the robotic tools used to test science hypotheses.

Dr. Melo has a BSc in Electronics (2004), MSc in Mechanics (2005) and PhD in Robotics (2013). His research with BIOROB consist in the developement of biologically Infomed robots and experimentation with them. His efforts are aimed to the understanding of animal locomotion and use of such principles for the design of Bio-robots and components for its deployment in challenging environment missions. Here some of his recent robot designs, highlighted in prestigious scientific publications: