Amphibious Robotics

Our aim is to build biologically inspired amphibious snake (or eel/lamprey-like), salamander, fish and centipede-like robots. The goals of these projects are three-fold: (1) to build amphibious robots for outdoor robotics tasks, taking inspiration from real animals (2) to use the robots as a test-bed for novel types of adaptive controllers based on the concept of central pattern generators, and (3) to use the robots to investigate hypotheses of how locomotion-controlling neural networks are implemented in real animals. We are currently testing the control of different types of locomotions using central pattern generator models inspired by our numerical studies of lamprey locomotion.


Snake-like Robot Salamander-like Robot Environment monitoring
AmphiBot Salamandra robotica ENVIROBOT
Salamander-like robot Robotic paleontology Sensory feedback
Pleurobot OroBOT AgnathaX

Past projects

Fish-like Robot