Students FAQ

Yes there are. Please abide by the standards as defined in the following document: Coding Standards


Using Webots at EPFL

Computers connected to the EPFL network (directly or through VPN) can use Webots last version for free, installation procedure: 

1. Download Webots from download  and install it. The installation instructions are available here: doc/guide/installation- procedure
2. Log on the EPFL VPN (unless you are already on the EPFL network).
3. Start Webots and enter the following login and passord:
  – login: [email protected]
  – password: JXG01UqOFWX8u6+f7WsJgcY5k0Y=
  If Webots doesn’t offer the login dialog, go to the File menu and select “Logout and Quit Webots…” and restart Webots.

Biorob has a local literature repository, where you might find some useful resources.

A lot of Swiss University Libraries are part of NEBIS, what makes it a primary resource for books and older journal articles. Furthermore, EPFL has access to a lot of online journals and literature databases. There are a number of tools to manage your references, e.g. firefox based plugin Zotero or web-based services likeLabmeeting.