Technology transfer

The EPFL Biorobotics laboratory supports the following tech transfer projects:

Alpine Intuition embeds the knowledge of biomechanics and neuroscience in an exoskeleton controller

Autonomyo provides intensive walking training for people with residual motor functions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy. Autonomyo offers connected rehabilitation at home and in clinics with extensive monitoring.

Cyberbotics develops Webots: an open-source robot simulator, compatible with ROS and ROS2, that is widely used in academic research and industrial projects.

Emovo Care develops a robotic hand orthosis to deliver intensive and functional care after stroke, directly at home.

At exomotion we have reinvented the wheel to provide motion freedom for any mobility device on earth and beyond.

ROVENSO makes ROVéo, an agile robot for security and safety monitoring of industrial sites.

TWIICE develops lower-limb exoskeletons to help people with spinal cord injury walk again. Winner of the Cybathlon since 2017, TWIICE is lightweight and provides assistance for more independence and mobility in daily life activities.