Teaching and student projects


Biorob participates to the following courses: Legged robots (MICRO-507), Computational motor control (CS-432), Analysis and modelling of locomotion (BIOENG-404) , Robotics Practicals (MICRO-453), and Topics in Autonomous robotics (ENG-615).  It also organizes the interdisciplinary robot competition of the school of engineering and the EPFL Assistive Technologies Challenge (ATC).

Student project information

Master and bachelor students at the EPFL are welcome to do their research projects at BioRob. Every year we host around 15 students for master and semester research projects, see the people page. Visiting students are also welcome to join BioRob, but it should be noted that no funding is offered for those projects.

Students from Indian institutes (IITs and IIITs) should follow the instructions here to do an intern at EPFL. But unfortunately BioRob will not host any this year due to funding constraints.

Interested students can find topics at our project database. A list of completed student projects is available below. The main results of previous projects, including reports, videos, software, etc. can be found on the project pages (follow the links of individual projects).

Students from STI masters can also take part in the interdisciplinary robot competition as a semester project (see website for more info).

Other useful information for students working on a project at BioRob are the Students FAQ, Project Guidelines, Coding Standards and our internal Wiki.

Past projects


  • Sandra L'Herminé: Development of a compact motor module with torque control (Semester project).
  • Jalen Geason: Updating the Omnibot Mobile Furniture Control Interface (unknown project type).
  • Fuka Higuchi: Development of an experimental setup to measure salamander body stiffness and damping (Bachelor semester project).
  • Tim Lücking: Quadruped Locomotion with Central Pattern Generators and Deep Reinforcement Learning (Semester project).
  • Nils Antonovitch: Control of a salamander robot using a CPG controller (Semester project).
  • Didier Neuenschwander: Development of a waterproof setup to measure ground reaction force during salamander locomotion (Semester project).
  • Oliver Colombini-Ljungberg: Machine Learning-based Control Model for Real Actuators (Semester project).
  • Minwen Mao: Using motion to support social communication of mobile furniture (Semester project).
  • Lisa Schneider: Implementation of depth control in ZBot 3D (Semester project).
  • Mathieu Schertenleib: Reinforcement learning for agile quadrupedal locomotion over challenging terrains (Semester project).
  • David Rüegg: Real-world application of obstacle avoidance algorithms for intelligent assistive furniture (Master (diploma) project).
  • Lina Bacha: Optimization of the Neural Input to a Spinal Cord Model During Upper Limb Movements (unknown project type).
  • Camille Dormoy: Personalized Parkinson Gait modelling (unknown project type).
  • Arthur Schramm: Data-driven modeling of locomotion using Imitation Learning in Drosophila (Semester project).
  • Antoine Delaloye: Exploring the relationship between vorticity and network architecture during swimming in the zebrafish (Semester project).
  • Nicolas Clivaz: Investigating the role of proprioceptive sensory feedback in the Zebrafish (Semester project).
  • Loïc Kreienbühl: Modeling and understanding the role of V1 interneurons in the adult zebrafish (Semester project).
  • Runze Zhang: Mobile furniture and human joined perception (Semester project).
  • Louis Gevers: Exploring role of morphology in amphibious fishes with amphibious robots (Semester project).
  • Constance De Trogoff Coatallio: Role of various spinal pathways in human upper limb control (Semester project).
  • Emma Boehly: Modulation of spinal pathways for human upper limb control in various environements (Semester project).
  • Laly Robyr: Investigating the role of proprioceptive sensory feedback in the Zebrafish (Semester project).


  • Lou De Bel-Air: Exploring the role of morphology in amphibious fish using amphibious robots (Semester project).
  • Cameron Haas: Design and Characterization of a spring-loaded leg (Semester project).
  • Lixuan Tang: Perception for closed-loop control of mobile furniture (Semester project).
  • Estelle Richard: Data gathering and analysis with DeepLabCut for robots (Semester project).
  • Dorian Bignet: Electronic and Embedded Systems Development for Envirobot (Master (diploma) project).
  • Théo Hermann: Real-Time Hybrid Control: Combining Reinforcement Learning and Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Systems (Semester project).
  • Selina Bothner: Development of An Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for Power Management of a Fish-like Robot (Z-Bot) (Semester project).
  • Malika Alicia In-Albon: Current based contact estimation for legged robots (Semester project).
  • Jonathan Henry: Software Architecture design for sensory integration in robot (Semester project).
  • Louise Genoud: Biologically realistic modeling of the salamander locomotion in closed loop (Semester project).
  • Alexandre De Terrasson De Montleau: Improving Roombot’s docking procedure (Semester project).
  • Lucas Represa: Role of various spinal pathways in human upper limb motor control (Semester project).
  • Lixuan Tang: Mobile Assistive Furniture Suite Real-Time Indoor Localization for Closed-Loop Control (Semester project).
  • Mehmet Arseven: Modular Robot Pose estimation (Semester project).
  • Alec Parrat: Roombots firmware and communication improvements (Semester project).
  • Léane Donzé: Roombots firmware and communication improvements (Semester project).


  • Guilain Brunoro: Control of various gait patterns for a salamander robot based on central pattern generators (Master (diploma) project).
  • Titouan Renard: Learning Motor Policies with Time Continuous Neural Networks (Semester project).
  • Xenia Titova: Visual marker aided autonomous generation of annotated image datasets of modular robot keypoints (Bachelor semester project).
  • Abir Hammoumi: Visual marker aided autonomous generation of annotated image datasets of modular robot keypoints (Bachelor semester project).
  • Estelle Barthelet: Neuromechanical simulations of 3D human locomotion (Semester project).
  • Erfan Etesami: Contact force parametrization for reverse engineering of animal locomotion based on bio-mechanical data (Semester project).
  • Tifanny Pereira Portela: Finding steppable (and un-steppable) terrain for quadrupedal locomotion (Semester project).
  • Maïk Guihard: Design and characterization of a bio-inspired multi-segmented leg consisting of spring and tendon (Semester project).
  • Claire Meyer: Prototyping of CPG network on STM32 microcontrollers with various types of buses (Master (diploma) project).
  • Chuanfang Ning: Omnibot: Mobile Furniture Baseline Development (Semester project).
  • Luca Zunino: Robotic reproduction of OMRs and Rheotaxis (Semester project).
  • Raphaël Destriau: More effecient searching of a fish-like robot by a simple fish brain? (Semester project).
  • Louise Placidet: Neuromechanical simulations of crouch gait in cerebral palsy patients (Semester project).
  • Rodrigo Martins Silviera: EnviRobot 1.5 (Internship).
  • Félix Ducret: Neuromechanical control of human 3D locomotion (Master (diploma) project).


  • Josep Rueda I Collell: Simulation and control of hip-based assisting strategies (Master (diploma) project).
  • Inès Bourbia: Reverse engineering muscle parameters in neuromechanical simulations (Bachelor semester project).
  • Luca Zunino: Assistance in the development of a zebrafish-like robot (Semester project).
  • Oganes Manasian: Assistive Drive Mode for an Electric Wheelchair (Master (diploma) project).
  • Nicolas Minder: Vision for Envirobot Gen2 and Motion Sensation (Semester project).
  • Guilain Brunoro: High-level controller for an amphibious robot based on potential fields (Semester project).
  • Alexandre Clivaz: Closed loop control of a flow tank (Semester project).
  • Shreyas Patel: Gait modulation of human locomotion in neuromechanical simulations (Bachelor semester project).
  • Carla Nannini: Using low dimensional feedforward signals to modulate a neuromuscular controller (Master (diploma) project).
  • Loïc Alder: Personalized musculoskeletal model from 3D reconstruction (Semester project).
  • Federico Conzelmann: Closed-loop control of a flow tank (Semester project).
  • Yi Zhou (Celinna) Ju: Mobile robotic furniture with Roombots (Semester project).
  • Romain Donzé: Development of musculoskeletal model of non-human primate (Master (diploma) project).
  • Salim Ben Ghorbel: Modeling pathologies in human locomotion (Semester project).
  • Alexandre Bagnoud: Development of musculoskeletal model of non-human primate (Semester project).
  • Niccolò Stefanini: Reinforcement learning: learn to perform different movements using realistic skeletal models (Semester project).
  • Florian Richter: Improvement of AgnathaX speed based on biological parameters and presentation of a new recording and tracking method (Semester project).
  • Luc Reveyron: Waterproof Camera Module & Field-Proofing for Amphibious K-rock2 Robot (Semester project).
  • Jean Duquenne: Development of a simulation environment for the Autonomyo exoskeleton for neuro-muscular controller simulation (Semester project).
  • Nicolas Feppon: Learning to move around combining reflexes and cpgs for a bio-inspired human model (Semester project).


  • Francisco Ramirez Serrano: Robot visualization and feedback for out-of-sight operation (Semester project).
  • David Batschelet: ANSYS Fluent Analysis of a flow tank (Semester project).
  • Artur Jesslen: Real-time estimation of ground reaction forces during human locomotion (Semester project).
  • Loïc Cordey: Identification of possible reflex pathways from perturbation studies (Semester project).
  • Paul Moineville: Identification of possible reflex pathways from perturbation studies (Semester project).
  • Sofia Dandjee: Analysis of gait for patients with Cerebral palsy using OpenSim (Semester project).
  • Alice Bruel: Neuromechanical simulations of healthy and spinal cord injured locomotion (Master (diploma) project).
  • Chenhao Li: Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Bio-inspired Passive Tail for Amphibious Robots (Internship).
  • Maxim Bianchini: Torque control of brushless motor for amphibious robotics (Semester project).
  • Thomas Havy: Traversability pipeline for Krock 2 (Semester project).
  • Julien Couyoupetrou: Learning to move around combining reflexes and cpgs for a bio-inspired human model (Semester project).
  • Paul Callens: Design of an aeroponic system with plant growth monitoring for precision farming (Semester project).
  • Carla Nannini: Modulation of reflex parameters in human walking (Semester project).
  • Clara Viatte: Modeling spasticity behavior in human pathological locomotion (Semester project).
  • Céline Provins: Adapt morphology of biomechanical models to specific patients from marker placements (Semester project).
  • Maxime Riou: Building a 3D mouse treadmill for locomotion experiments (Semester project).
  • Didier Negretto: MOUSE TREADMILL CONTROL (Semester project).
  • Savyaraj Deshmukh: Implementation of oscillator models and tools for analyzing coupled oscillators in FARMS (Semester project).
  • Yassine Ahaggach: Design and improvement of the electronics for a hand exoskeleton (Semester project).
  • Beryl Yersin: Firmware and Software Development for a Hand Exoskeleton (Semester project).


  • Marion Claudet: Spinal Cord Maps of Spatiotemporal Alpha-Motoneuron Activation in Neuromechanical Simulations of Human Walking and Comparison wi (Internship).
  • Adrien Chassignet: Networking and Data Collection for Amphibious Field Robotics via Robot Operating System (ROS) (Semester project).
  • Weipeng Li: Implementation of polynomial muscle joint coupling (Semester project).
  • Paul Prevel: Sensitivity analysis on reflex parameters of a bio-inspired locomotion controller and mimetism based optimisation (Semester project).
  • Oleg Gelfort: Studying the role of different muscle models on the low level control of lower limb (Semester project).
  • Simon Honigmann: Development of a passive tail test platform for amphibious robots (Semester project).
  • Blaise Etter: Multimodal controller design and characterization using somatosensory feedback for salamander locomotion (Semester project).
  • Yi-Shiun Wu: Closed loop control of a flow tank (Semester project).
  • Corentin Puffay: Neck modeling to understand the mechanisms underlying posture control and balance (Semester project).
  • Julien Lombardo: Interactive Console for Robot Control and Monitoring (Semester project).
  • Ibrahim Youssef: A biologically inspired visuo-motor controller for autonomous robotic lamprey (Master (diploma) project).
  • Hala Khodr: Collaborative locomotion in self-reconfigurable modular robots (SRMR) (Master (diploma) project).