Student information

Master and bachelor students at the EPFL are welcome to do their research projects at BioRob. Every year we host around 15 students for master and semester research projects, see the people page. Visiting students are also welcome to join BioRob, but it should be noted that no funding is offered for those projects.

Students from Indian institutes (IITs and IIITs) should follow the instructions here to do an intern at EPFL. But unfortunately BioRob will not host any this year due to funding constraints.

Interested students can find topics at our project database. A list of completed student projects is available below. The main results of previous projects, including reports, videos, software, etc. can be found on the project pages (follow the links of individual projects).

Students from STI masters can also take part in the interdisciplinary robot competition as a semester project (see website for more info).

Other useful information for students working on a project at BioRob are the Students FAQ, Project Guidelines, Coding Standards and our internal Wiki.

Past projects


  • Julien Couyoupetrou: Learning to move around combining reflexes and cpgs for a bio-inspired human model (Semester project).
  • Paul Callens: Design of an aeroponic system with plant growth monitoring for precision farming ().
  • Carla Nannini: Modulation of reflex parameters in human walking (Semester project).
  • Clara Viatte: Modeling spasticity behavior in human pathological locomotion (Semester project).
  • Céline Provins: Adapt morphology of biomechanical models to specific patients from marker placements (Semester project).


  • Marion Claudet: Spinal Cord Maps of Spatiotemporal Alpha-Motoneuron Activation in Neuromechanical Simulations of Human Walking and Comparison wi (Internship).
  • Adrien Chassignet: Networking and Data Collection for Amphibious Field Robotics via Robot Operating System (ROS) (Semester project).
  • Weipeng Li: Implementation of polynomial muscle joint coupling (Semester project).
  • Paul Prevel: Sensitivity analysis on reflex parameters of a bio-inspired locomotion controller and mimetism based optimisation (Semester project).
  • Oleg Gelfort: Studying the role of different muscle models on the low level control of lower limb (Semester project).
  • Simon Honigmann: Development of a passive tail test platform for amphibious robots (Semester project).
  • Blaise Etter: Multimodal controller design and characterization using somatosensory feedback for salamander locomotion (Semester project).
  • Yi-Shiun Wu: Closed loop control of a flow tank (Semester project).
  • Corentin Puffay: Neck modeling to understand the mechanisms underlying posture control and balance (Semester project).
  • Julien Lombardo: Interactive Console for Robot Control and Monitoring (Semester project).
  • Ibrahim Youssef: A biologically inspired visuo-motor controller for autonomous robotic lamprey (Master (diploma) project).
  • Hala Khodr: Collaborative locomotion in self-reconfigurable modular robots (SRMR) (Master (diploma) project).