Miroslav Caban

Short Biography

Miro received a BSc in Mathematics and Physics at the University of York. He then joined EPFL for a MSc in Applied Physics with focus on computer simulations and biophysics. He accomplished his master project in the lab for Translational Neural Engineering since when he has retained a strong interest for neuroprosthetics.

After his MSc, Miro put his efforts into building a start-up aiming to provide a personalized spinal cord stimulation solution for chronic pain. After the project failed to succeed, he brought his knowledge into GTX medical, a start-up based at the EPFL Innovation Park.

Since 2018, Miro is conducting a PhD at BIOROB with industrial partner GTX medical and is supervised by Prof. Ijspeert and Prof. Courtine. The research topic covers clinically relevant control strategies of Electrical Epidural Stimulation for restoration of movement in patients with Spinal Cord Injury.

His research interest are in translational neurostimulation and rehabilitation technologies aimed at improving the daily lives of motor-deficient patients.