Cheetah-cub is a quadruped robot with advanced spring loaded pantographic legs, developed at the BIOROB-laboratory by Spröwitz and Vespignani . Its actuation consists of 8 Kondo KRS2350 ICS, which are positioned on the robot’s stiff trunk and are powered, through a cable connection, by a DC power supply. Thematerials used are mostly CNC milled carbon and glass fiber plates, CNC milled POM and 3D printed ABS parts. This material combination makes the robot very robust and at the same time very lightweight (m=1.1kg ). A RB110 control board with Linux installed as the operating system runs the pre-defined CPG network as an open loop control (no sensors on the robot). Cheetah-cub can reach fast forward locomotion of 6.9Bl/s and can do step downs of 20% of its leg length with high success rate. Additional tests showed also turning capability in low speeds.


Towards Agility: Definition, Benchmark and Design Considerations for Small, Quadrupedal Robots

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Cheetah-cub-S: Steering of a Quadruped Robot using Trunk Motion

K. Weinmeister; P. Eckert; H. Witte; A. Ijspeert 

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Data-driven extraction of drive functions for legged locomotion: A study on Cheetah-cub robot

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